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Pro-Line Body Mount Secure-Loc Cap Kit

for All Pro-Line Extended Body Mount Kits

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This is a Secure-Loc Cap Replacement Kit for Pro-Line Body Mount Kits (#6070-00, #6071-00, #6087-00, #6304-00, #6305-00, #6306-00, #6307-00). Do you need replacement Secure-Loc Caps for your Pro-Line Extended Body Mount Kit? This includes new caps, setscrews and O-Rings.

Check out Big Squid's How-To Article on how this replacement kit can be used for other kits.

This rebuild kit is also compatible with the Pro-Line PRO-MT 4x4 truck kit.

How To Secure-Loc Mount Your Buggy Wing!


6070-02 | Pro-Line Body Mount Thumbwasher Kit

  • Secure-Loc Caps (4 pcs.)
  • M4 x 12mm Setscrews (4 pcs.)
  • O-Rings (4 pcs.)

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