4mm Serrated Wheel Lock Nuts

for Slash 2wd, Slash 4x4 SC10 4x4, SCTE 4x4, 22SCT & Any Vehicle with 4mm Axle

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This is a Pack of 4mm Serrated Wheel Lock Nuts for Cars and Trucks with 4mm Axles. Pro-Line wants your wheels to stay where they belong - On Your Car! Pro-Line's new 4mm Wheel Nuts feature Dual Protection against the Dreaded Wheel Loss found at RC tracks around the world. These Pro-Line Blue Anodized Aluminum Nuts have deep serrations that dig into the wheel and provide a secure hold against the rigors of Racing and Bashing. The second layer of protection delivered by Pro-Line's new Serrated Nuts is the Nylon Lock Ring that prevents the nuts from loosening due to vibration and centrifugal effects. Get the Security and Style afforded by Pro-Line's new 4mm Serrated Lock Nuts today!

These 4mm Serrated Wheel Lock Nuts are also included with the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC truck kit.

Check out the Wheel Lock Nuts featured in the PRO-2 SC Truck Exploded view HERE

6100-00 | 4mm Serrated Wheel Lock Nuts

  • Blue Anodized Aluminum – Stylish and Lightweight
  • Serrations that dig into the Wheel for Security
  • Lock Nut for Second Layer of Wheel Nut Security


  • 4mm Blue Anodized Serrated Lock Nuts (4 pcs)

  • Any Car or Truck with 4mm Axles

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