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Today we hung out at Beachline Raceway getting in some practice before some nighttime club racing. David would be racing Pro Stock Buggy. He put in two good qualifiers placing him 3rd on the grid. At the start of the Main on the very first corner he ended up getting hit by the second-place driver and he dropped several positions. So many cars piled up in that wreck that I thought the announcer was going to call for a restart. The first-place driver even slowed down thinking the same thing, but no restart was ever called. Instead of giving up David knew he drove well all day and he decided to try his best to come back. He drove awesome and was able to come back to finish 5th just under 4-seconds away from 3rd place.

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SuperCup Series – Round 2
Beachline Raceway – Cocoa, FL


We arrived around 6:00 Friday night to get in a couple hours of practice. It’s a good thing we did because we ended up having to fix all our cars. I was taking some laps with my 13.5 Buggy when all of a sudden it just stopped. My speed control died. Thank you, #Brett Hold for giving me one so I could race the next day. David was next to head back to the pits with his broken 13.5 Buggy. It was a mad house on the drivers stand with 18 to 19 drivers at a time on a small sized track. When he got done he walked off with his front diff housing cracked in two. While David worked on our buggies I tried out my 2WD SCT.

Ran Pro-Line Primes in Buggy and Electrons in SC

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ROAD TRIP! AMS 7.0 here we come. I rushed home from work where David had the camper hooked up and ready to go and we were off. I got to sit back and take in the view as David took the first shift driving. David got us through Orlando before it was my turn to take over. This would be my second time towing the camper and it would be the longest drive ever. I was so focused on not to be sucked in by a tractor trailer truck that I missed the baby deer with white spots and the Alligator posing with his mouth opened. At least David got to see them. We ended up driving to mile marker 108 in Georgia when we decided to pull over at the rest area to get in a few hours of sleep.  Taking off thenext morning we arrived at the Agriculture Center in Cullman Alabama at 11:00 AM……830.50 miles later.

David and Jessica ran Pro-Line Hole Shot Tires on their Buggy, Truggy, and Short Course Truck

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