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TOP NOTCH TOUR Round 2 @ Dialed-In Raceway
TQ and 1st place on Nitro Buggy Sportsman
Pro-Line Predator Body
Pro-Line ElectroShot Tires in X2 (Medium) Compound


Javier Perez

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All of the quals were decent with both cars except the second qual with Buggy. There was a kicker that would kick the wing high so I had to land full throttle. My clutch was locking up, or the engine was starving for fuel and it flamed out 4 times in that one qual on the lander of that kicker.

I was running the XT8 on Pro-Line X3 Electroshots, powered by OS Speed, O’donnell Futaba and Trakpower. Read the rest of this entry »

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This past week at Stateline Raceway was the 2017 1/8th scale Off-Road Fuel Nationals. Wednesday was controlled practice; the track was very dusty and had low grip to start with, but then the track was getting better as the week went on. The track seemed to worsen every day. My cars were gaining traction and going through the bumps good all week.

The Buggy tires I ran were: Pro-Line X3 Switchblade, M3 Buckshot, and Triple Silver Blockade. The Truggy tires I ran were: Pro-Line M3 ElectroShot, M3 Buckshot and triple silver Buckshot. Read the rest of this entry »

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The 3rd round of Czech 1:8 Nationals took place last weekend in Dolni Bukovsko. Organisers prepared whole area very nice, track was huuuge and it was a real challenge for electronics/engines in 30+ °C temperatures.

Took double TQ and Win in Nitro and 2nd place in E-Buggy behind Martin! I used Switchblades X2, while Martin took the win in E-Buggy on ElectroShots X2. Read the rest of this entry »

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If you didn’t attend the Pro-Line Summer Shootout held at Southside Raceway located in Lake City you missed out on probably what will be the greatest event of the year in Florida. With an amazing 340 entries, the place was packed. The time and effort put in from #Brian Lewis, #Lance McDonald and the entire track crew really showed. It’s an outstanding facility that had a brand-new tire wash area, air station to blow off cars and a new staging area. The track itself had many features including the Cabbage Patch and brick sections. It had a couple step ups/ step downs, huge double, triple and the largest off camber around. It was challenging and it made you think about your tire choice which to us is all part of racing.

We tested Pro-Line Hole Shots, Fugitive Lites and ElectroShots during practice on Friday. Read the rest of this entry »

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Took the TQ/Win in the E-Truggy class on X3 ElectroShots at the 2nd round of the RC Pro Series held at Gulf Coast Raceway in Porter, TX.

Aaron Royston

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Austin Took 1st Place in both Nitro Buggy and Nitro Truggy at Chuckles Hobby and Raceway‘s May Meltdown on May 13, 2017

BuggyPro-Line M3 Hole Shot
TruggyPro-Line X3 Electro Shot



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This past weekend me and my father attended our important 2nd Round of the Australian Nationals Series! The weekend held almost 200 entries with 1:8 Buggy and Truck to be ran over the four days in Melbourne, Australia.

Thursday held two rounds of practice and the first round of qualifying. The track was very hard packed as soon as we got there, it seemed as if we were going to be running on some high traction later on in the event (and we did!). I got started with an awesome round 1 and managed to take both TQ’s in each round.

Friday held four more rounds of qualifying where I would have the chance to take the overall TQ in both.

Both my Team Associated RC8B3 and T3 were working amazing on X3 Blockades as the track began to increase in traction after every run we had!

By the end of the day I managed to smash the field and take the overall TQ in Both Buggy and Truck! Read the rest of this entry »

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Past weekend was season opener race at SEWYRC club in Cheyenne, WY. These guys know how to put on the show. New track layout by HBRacing, Mike Ward was amazing and technical. Lots of room to pass on power and off power under braking. The guys from the club have put lots of work in to the track and delivered what they have promoted over winter months.

I had a chance to run few different setups in practice on my nitro buggy and finally stuck with most comfortable one.

Pro-Line ElectroShot X3 compound tire was most consistent one I have tried during the practice.

In first round of qualifying, I missed the TQ by couple of seconds due to bad crash of the front straight. Second round of qualifying was also few seconds slower due to traffic but I still managed to lock in the second spot on the grid.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Last weekend, I made the trip down to Playground RC in Yakima, Washington to participate in the Spring Shootout, the kickoff round of the Northwest Championship Tour, our premier outdoor offroad series here in the Northwest United States. It seemed like there was a lot more excitement heading into outdoors this year than past years and my suspicions were confirmed as the total entry count ended right about the 350 mark, which is about 100 more than what the opening race usually gets. This was the first year for the new venue of the Spring Shootout, with the previous venue unfortunately being shut down in Wenatchee, Washington towards the end of last year. Now it was time for Yakima to carry the torch, and it was definitely the most well organized and executed event I have been to, perhaps only second to the Silver State race I attended last month at RC Tracks Las Vegas.

The vehicles were awesome, and the M3 Hole Shots and M4 Electroshots and Fugitives were hooked up! Read the rest of this entry »

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