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Here is a short quarterly report. I had some pretty good results.

Pro-Line equipment used:

Holeshot 2.0 in M3 front and rear

Electrons in MC

Velocity wheels front and rear

PROTOform Nor’easter LM body

18920261_10213786592607423_1792296717709609745_n (1)

April 9th
Skips RC Raceway
Platte City, MO
Round 1 of an 8 race Dirt Oval Series

I ran open late model and open sprint car. I had ok qualifying that put me in both A-mains. The track was rough and very high speed. On late model I was leading and car blew over backwards, I ended up 4th in the A-main. Sprint car couldn’t keep the front end on the ground and finished 4th in the A-main.

April 22
Skips RC Raceway
Platte City, MO
Keith Pops Edwards Memorial

I ran open late model and open sprint car. I was able to take TQ in open late model and qualified 6th in sprint car A-Main. In late model A-main, I led wire to wire to take the win. Open sprint I made my way to 2nd, had a run in with a lap car that dropped me back to 4th where I would finish.


May 6th
Polecat Raceway
Kingsville, MO
Round 2 of the KOKC

I ran open late model and open sprint. I took TQ in late model and qualified 6th in open sprint. While leading I got caught up in a wreck of backmarkers that dropped me to 3rd where I would finish. First second and myself ran the last 2-min nose to tail. It was a fun race. In sprint I dodged wrecks all race long made it up to 2nd, I bobbled and fell back to 4th with 30-seconds to go, and I just needed another lap to make it to the podium.

May 28th
Checkered Flag Raceway
Bonner Springs, KS
Club Race

TQ and first place open sprint and 3rd place 10.5 late model

June 3rd

Checkered Flag Raceway
Bonner Springs, KS
Round 3 of the KOKC

I took TQ in open late model and qualified 3rd in open sprint. In open late model, I got blasted by a lap car fell to 2nd, 1-min later I moved back to the lead to go on to take the win. In open sprint I took the lead on lap 2 and had almost a lap on the field when a backmarker ran through me and dropped me to 2nd with 3 laps to go. I crossed the line on the rear bumper of the leader to finish 2nd.


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Man it was great to get back to LCRC again for another race; it feels like it has been forever since I was there. This past weekend it was their yearly “The Big One” race with a $1000 nitro buggy purse. I traveled up with teammate Jeremy McGuigan early Friday morning to great a full day of practice in. I ran Nitro Buggy, E-Buggy, and a borrowed E-Truggy from Jeremy (thanks again!).

Pro-Line Products used:
M4 Hole Shot, M4 Electron, M4 Fugitive Lite
V2 Velocity White Wheels
Trifecta Lexan 1:8 Buggy Wing

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This past weekend I packed up and headed south with teammate Joe Bornhorst to attend Levi Jackson’s Battle of the Sikest hosted at S&B RC Speedway in South Carolina. After the long 8.5 hour drive down we had arrived to a rather wet track due to all the rain that had hit the area during the past day or so. The pictures of the layout really did not do the track or layout any justice. Levi did a really nice job and made a really fun and flowing layout.

Pro-Line Products used:
M3 Hole Shot, M4 Electron, M3 Fugitive
V2 Velocity Wheels
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3/4/17  King RC This was our first race of the year and the first since last October. I was a little rusty but got to practice quite a few times before the race started. We ended up getting 3 qualifiers in E-buggy and then they cut nitro back to 2 qualifiers so they could get the show in since they don’t have lights. We didn’t get in a good round for nitro Buggy so I ended up starting 1st in the B-main. Still with no luck I ended up finishing 3rd and not getting the bump. We ended up starting 4th in the A-Main with the E-buggy out of 50 entries in that class. It ended up getting somewhat dark during the main but I still ended up getting a 3rd place finish. All in all the equipment worked great just had a rusty driver. We ended up on M4 Electrons.


4/28 4/29/17 Badlands Myrtle Beach SC for the Spring Sting. We ran pro Buggy and pro E-buggy. Qualifying didn’t go to bad in pro nitro buggy. We ended up starting 10th in the pro A-main. After the 30-mins was up we ended up finishing 9th. Not bad with the crowd that was there. E-buggy didn’t go as good. Car was good just couldn’t quit making mistakes. With such intense competition, one or two of those and you were out of it. We also ended up on X2 Fugitives for qualifying in both classes. As the night came we ran X3 Fugitives in E-buggy and M4 Fugitives in nitro. I think I could have ran X4 but was scared of the moisture of the night.

Thanks for the support and the awesome tires!

Thanks Mike Webb

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On the March 4th and 5th I drove an hour west to Topeka, Kansas to race at Jake’s R/C Pro-Am for their annual Shootout. Had an up and down weekend. With it being a small track any bobble was big.

Mod 2WD SC was awesome, took a 2nd, a TQ, 4th, and 10th.
I started 4th in the A-Main. Main went well and finished 2nd.

Equipment used:

B6D – Predator, Electrons M4, Electrons MC, Positrons MC
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This years April Fool’s Classic was another consecutive year of record entries.  They ended up with 365+ for one of the longest running electric races in the country.

Race held at Murf’s IRCR

I ran the 2WD Mod and 4WD Modified classes.

My Tires of choice were Positron Rears for both cars and Transistor Fronts for 2WD and Electron Fronts for 4WD. Read the rest of this entry »

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Attend the 1st annual Desert Classic at Hobby Action Raceway.

I raced  2WD Mod Buggy, 2WD Mod Truck, and 4WD Mod Buggy. In the first round of qualifying I had a 18th  in 2WD Buggy, 9th in truck and 7th in 4WD Buggy for the 1st round.

I ran Pro-Line MC Electrons and MC Positrons. Read the rest of this entry »

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Continuing to bounce around the state as I attended Speed RC’s Inaugural King of the East race. It was my second 3-day race in a row and my third trophy race in as many weekends. So I was a little tired entering this one but I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to attend a big race that was only 3 hours away.

I Ran the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck with a Flo-Tek Fusion Body and Electron Tires. My Buggy had Pro-Line Positrons

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Saturday March 11th was the final big event for 2017 at the indoor Bumps and Jumps RC facility in Etters, PA.  The electric elite challenge proved to live up to its namesake with several features that were getting the best of most of the drivers. The event gathered 142 entries represented from the states of Virginia to New York.

Ethan entered the event in the Two and Four Wheel Drive Modified Buggy classes with three rounds of qualifying.  His car was equipped with Pro-Line Micron tires on all four corners in the MC clay compound.  The 4wd modified buggy class would be up first.  He qualified fourth in the A-Main and at the sound of the tone within half a lap, he would take over the number three spot and begin to real in the Associated cars of Christian Toic and Alex Miller.  The race was on now between the top three cars and after a few mistakes by the competition Ethan was able to take over the number one spot and continue to hold on to it for the rest of the race. Read the rest of this entry »

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There is no way Beach RC is not world famous for hospitality and giving racers a great time. With a little over 200 entries, the Palmetto Classic was another great example of a well-executed event. Team Pro-Line made up many of those entries and would walk away with great results.

This tight, indoor track featured a more technical style layout, that was had plenty of traction come race day.

The wet and cold clay was ideal the Pro-Line’s MC compound, and was the choice for most team drivers throughout the weekend.  Forward bite was a necessity, and the Pro-Line Positron was a perfect choice for both buggies. Drivers would choose between Electrons, Transistors, and everything in between for the front tires. On the trucks, Electrons were by far the fastest tire.

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