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Force Series Round 1 @ Triple Nickle Raceway


Well after taking some time off to get things together after 2016. We started to see what races we wanted to do for 2017 season. We have been wanting to get out to more tracks that we have not been to before. So after looking around we decided to do The Force Series which is 9 races this year with 2 of them out of state in Georgia.

We made our way down to Bartow for round 1 of The Force Series at Triple Nickle Raceway. This was a new track to us and unfortunately we were not able to get to the track the night before for some practice. So we got the car ready in the morning for round 1 of qualifying.

We put on some Pro-Line Blockades M4.

He was running good got up to 4th at on point and then had some trouble off of one of the jumps and ended up finishing 7th. Read the rest of this entry »

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October 1st, As we made our way to River Rat RC Allen decides to run his Xray XB8e.

He went out for a little practice and car felt real good on Pro-Line Blockades, So we decided to take the car in and look it over and get it ready for the Quals. He ran real good in the 1st Qual and took TQ.

In the 2nd Qual got knocked out of TQ and finished 2nd. Come to the Mains Allen started in 2nd place. It was a close race between 1st and 2nd the whole race. One little bobble with either one and that would give the other a chance to pass. The pressure was on both for sure.

Allen’s Xray XB8e ran great all day on Pro-Line Racing Blockades, and at the end of the race Pro-Line driver take 1st ( Allen Kosier) on podium in 1:8 E-Buggy.

Thanks #prolineracing, #riverratrc, #ftmgrip

- Allen Kosier

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September 10th we headed out to River Rat Racetrack for some offroad racing on the new layout just finished 2 days before racing. Allen decided to run his 1:8 Xray XB8e. We got a small amount of practice in. The car was feeling good with Pro-Line Blockades M4. So we decided to get the car ready for qualifying. Read the rest of this entry »

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Went to River Rat RC for some club racing after Christmas. Running my FTM Grip/Pro-Line Racing equipped 2WD B5M Buggy.

The track was a bit damp at beginning and tried out some Pro-Line Hole Shots M4 in back and M3 Hole Shots up front. In first qualifier it was pushing and loose in all the turns. Finishing 3rd in the 1st qualifier. Read the rest of this entry »

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Daytona Off-Road RC / River Rat Points Series

Finally the time came for the 1st round of Daytona Offroad RC/River Rat Points Series at River Rat RC November 14th 2015

The track was in great shape and looked to have a lot of traction. We started off using  Pro-Line Holeshots in front and rear of our 2wd B5m buggy with some FTM Grip Blast on
the tires. My Buggy felt very good. I finished 6th in both qualfiers. By the time for the mains the track was a bit different because the sun came out and other cars started grooving the track.
So for the mains we started 6th and decided to use Pro-Line 4 Ribs on the front and Pro-Line  Square Fuzzies for the rear and some more FTM Grips on the tires. The car was really hooked
up. There was alot of tight racing and we ended up finishing 4th in the A-main.

I feel this is a good start to the 4 race points series being 4th in points.

Next we head to Daytona for Round 2 of the series. I woukd like to thank #prolineracing, #ftmgrip, #bocabearings and #riverratrc for their support.



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We made our way to River Rat RC for some 2WD Buggy racing today. Track was in really good shape and had some good traction. Went out for our 2 rounds of qualifying and finished in 2nd place both times.

The car was really running good. Had to make some small adjustments before the mains to get a little more grip turning. Starting in 2nd place for the Mains and it was a tight race all the way thru with Doug smith. Back and forth between us both and coming to the finish line with him right behind Allen.

The Pro-Line M4 Hole Shots were hooked up today.

It was a great race and would like to thank our sponsors ‪Pro-Line Racing‬, ‪#‎ftmgrip‬, ‪#‎bocabearings‬, ‪#‎riverratrc‬ and also my wife for letting us do this this on our anniversary day and my daughter.

Our next event will be November 14th at River Rat RC for The Daytona Offroad/River Rat RC Series.
Funny thing is the guy in 3rd place broke his buggy in qualifying and we have an extra B5 so we let him use it instead of not being able to race the rest of the day. So we really had two #prolineracing, #ftmgrip buggies on podium. Lol

Allen Kosier

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Finally got a chance to do some off-road racing outdoors with no rain in sight. River Rat has been rained out just about all summer. Got to the track and helped out to get it ready for some racing. When practice opened up went out for a bit and the car felt real good.

I ran the B5M with Pro-Line M4 Hole Shots on front and back, Hobbywing Just Stock ESC, Trinty D4 and Pro-Line Predator Body and Trifecta Wing. Read the rest of this entry »

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After being rained out for 3 to 4 weeks with all this rain here in Florida we will head to Newred Hobbies in the morning where they always have you covered. We have yet to try out the Pro-Line Racing B5M since we got it. So hopefully we can get it tuned and and make some good runs. We will be using Pro-Line Primes in Front and Rear, Hobbywing Just Stock ESC, Trinty D4 and Pro-Line Body and Wing. I will see if I can pick up any more lap time with the B5M compared to the B5 I was running. After getting to Newred Hobbies Saturday morning. We started getting ready for the qualifiers. Taking some laps with the new B5m we ran Sportmans class and Stock to get more track time with it. Getting TQ and and starting in 1st position for Sportman. The car was running real good. Going into the A-Main for Sportsman I had almost 1/2 a track on 2nd place about half way through the Main and then coming down the front straight something came loose on the Buggy and sent us to ending the race in last.

Starting the Stock class in 7th and finishing 7th. I also hit my fastest lap ever at the track with the new Buggy of 18.7-sec. We were very happy with the car and will do some more tuning on it and come back and see what else we can improve on.

Thanks Pro-Line Racing, FTM Grip, River Rat RC Track, Moto1 RC Painting and Boca Bearings

Allen Kosier




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FTM Grip Allen Kosier

Well we made our way down to SS Hobbies & Raceway on Saturday morning for the final round of The Central Florida RC Off Road Series. Pulled in about 7:45am and man was it packed already. 142 entries for the last round. A lot of good racing and competition going on.

Allen went in sitting 3rd in points for the 2WD Buggy class with the B5 and running Pro-Line M3 Hole Shots on Front and Pro-Line M4 Hole Shots on the Rear. He got just a small amount of practice with his car, but was hard to really get a true feel for it with all the 1:8 out there. So going in to the 1st round of quals he finished 5th. Not too bad. He looked as if he was getting faster by the end of the 1st qual. Read the rest of this entry »

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