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The U4RC series opener at Cherry Valley on March 18, 2017 was awesome. The new track was technical and took some trial and error in order to be smooth. I raced 2 classes, 2.2 comp and 2.2 indy.

I placed 2nd in the Main in 2.2 comp using 2.2 Hyrax Tires and PowerStroke Shocks which made the solid axle car handle awesome. Read the rest of this entry »

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The 2017 Palmetto Classic drew over 200 racers from several states so the competition was very high. Once again Brent Densford and the Beach RC crew put on an amazing event and designed a fun track that had great flow.

I spent Friday practicing and originally planned to run three buggy classes; however, I unfortunately miscalculated my tire inventory and had to scale back to only two buggy classes. I settled on four classes in total, I ran 13.5 and Mod 4WD Buggy along with 2WD and 4WD Short Course.

Ran Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck with Pro-Line Electron SC in MC Compound Read the rest of this entry »

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Visit Event Page for More Info

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After a nice ride down to San Diego with Sheref and Broc,  we unloaded and set up our canopy and got to introducing ourselves and checking out some awesome rigs!

I entered 2.2 class with my freshly built Pro-Line equipped rig. I had just finished the rig the night before! My good friend Ryan and myself teamed up to score each other and jock some rocks. It was a 100 gate comp and we both had a blast.

At the end of the comp my Pro-Line Hyrax and Pro-Line Ultra reservoir shocks equipped rig came home with a -3 score. Good enough to take the overall win!

20170320_172833 20170320_210025

Chris Vierra

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Saturday March 11th was the final big event for 2017 at the indoor Bumps and Jumps RC facility in Etters, PA.  The electric elite challenge proved to live up to its namesake with several features that were getting the best of most of the drivers. The event gathered 142 entries represented from the states of Virginia to New York.

Ethan entered the event in the Two and Four Wheel Drive Modified Buggy classes with three rounds of qualifying.  His car was equipped with Pro-Line Micron tires on all four corners in the MC clay compound.  The 4wd modified buggy class would be up first.  He qualified fourth in the A-Main and at the sound of the tone within half a lap, he would take over the number three spot and begin to real in the Associated cars of Christian Toic and Alex Miller.  The race was on now between the top three cars and after a few mistakes by the competition Ethan was able to take over the number one spot and continue to hold on to it for the rest of the race. Read the rest of this entry »

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AZU4RC Season Opener  “Presented by Pro-Line Racing


1.9T 2nd Place, 2.2 Comp Broke DNF, 2.2 Indy Pro 1st place

ryanbaileyazu4rcopener17-3 ryanbaileyazu4rcopener17-4

As always my trucks handled awesome with Pro-Line Racing BFG KR2 tires, Dual Stage Foams, and Pro-Spec Shocks. Read the rest of this entry »

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There is no way Beach RC is not world famous for hospitality and giving racers a great time. With a little over 200 entries, the Palmetto Classic was another great example of a well-executed event. Team Pro-Line made up many of those entries and would walk away with great results.

This tight, indoor track featured a more technical style layout, that was had plenty of traction come race day.

The wet and cold clay was ideal the Pro-Line’s MC compound, and was the choice for most team drivers throughout the weekend.  Forward bite was a necessity, and the Pro-Line Positron was a perfect choice for both buggies. Drivers would choose between Electrons, Transistors, and everything in between for the front tires. On the trucks, Electrons were by far the fastest tire.

Read the rest of this entry »

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This past weekend was the inaugural Desert Classic race held at Hobby Action RC Raceway in Arizona.  Larry Tom and his staff truly have made an amazing facility with everything a racer could want.

The layout for the race was brand new and it was a bit different than the normal track surface.  The grip was a lot lower than you would expect from an indoor track, there was clay in the surface but also a lot of aggregate as well, that would keep coming to the surface as the cars went around the track.  For me it was quite challenging as well as for many others but it was a pleasant change from what seems to be the norm these days of carpet and super high clay, more what I would call real off-road dirt racing.

Ty Ran Pro-Line Positrons Front and Rear on his 4WD Buggy Read the rest of this entry »

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Force Series Round 1 @ Triple Nickle Raceway


Well after taking some time off to get things together after 2016. We started to see what races we wanted to do for 2017 season. We have been wanting to get out to more tracks that we have not been to before. So after looking around we decided to do The Force Series which is 9 races this year with 2 of them out of state in Georgia.

We made our way down to Bartow for round 1 of The Force Series at Triple Nickle Raceway. This was a new track to us and unfortunately we were not able to get to the track the night before for some practice. So we got the car ready in the morning for round 1 of qualifying.

We put on some Pro-Line Blockades M4.

He was running good got up to 4th at on point and then had some trouble off of one of the jumps and ended up finishing 7th. Read the rest of this entry »

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1.9 Trophy class in U4RC

1.9 Trophy class in U4RC

Running my Pro-Line 1.9 Hyrax in G8 compund

- Mike Cassar

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