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1.9 Class Podium finishers @ Moon Rocks Bashers - Fire & Ice Extreme Scale Adventure - Lost Trails

1.9 Class Podium finishers @ Moon Rocks Bashers – Fire & Ice Extreme Scale Adventure – Lost Trails

This year 4th annual Fire & Ice Extreme Scale Adventure was held at the Wild West Motorsports Park in Sparks, Nevada. There was a total of over 200 participants. The event consisted of two different classes which was by tire size 1.9 Class and 2.2 Class. There was 3 different courses which varied in difficulty: easy, intermediate, and expert. All 3couses equaled a whopping of 500 gates altogether and over 3miles distance traveled. The event was timed and every penalty of: Gates (vehicle physically hitting a gate), Touches ( physically picking up a car to pass a gate or to flip over not under it’s own power), and there was also Markers that needed to be written down at random gates (5 number markers in each course) would add to each driver total time. The lease of amount of time amount for each class would produce the winners.

The Pro-Line 1.9″ Hyrax did an amazing job on the rock that weren’t impossible with unlimited grip on the rock and made it up some of the looses hill climbs Read the rest of this entry »

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Pro-Line Hyrax 1.9″ G8 Rock Terrain Tires
Pro-Line 1.9″ Dual Stage Closed Cell Foam Inserts

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Pro-Line Shocks 101: Welcome to class! Here you’ll hear about what each shock feature does and how it is used and its effects on performance.

In this video we talk about the differences of the bladder and emulsion style of shocks that make the PowerStroke and Pro-Spec shocks different.

To jump to certain sections of the class, see the times below for areas of interest:

00:32 Springs
01:30 Bore Size & Shock Types
03:00 Shock Oils
03:20 Filling Tutorial

Spring Rate charts:
PowerStroke Shocks…

Pro-Spec Shocks…

For more on these shocks visit these pages
PowerStroke Shocks…

Pro-Spec Shocks…

Looking for some other Short Course products? Check out our entire line-up here:…

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Visit Murf’s Intermountain RC Raceway Facebook Page

Sign-Up now at

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At the end of every outdoor season, at the final 1:8 race of the year at the finale round of the Northwest Championship Tour in Pasco, Washington, we all feverishly prepare our cars for one final push on the dirt for the season. For most of the region, this will be the last time any driver touches a radio for the remainder of the calendar year. The race ends, we receive our series awards, take pictures, thank our sponsors for their support, and we go home and we wait. Some of us continue to travel around the Pacific Northwest or farther to race our 1:10 vehicles, but the attitude isn’t the same- we are all waiting for 1:8 season to start, as the carpet merely holds us over. For five months some of us rip around doing 12-14 second laps on a tight high grip track, while others simply stare at their vehicles. Eventually, the middle of February comes around, and we prepare our 1:8 vehicles again. Dirt racing has returned, and its name is Cabin Fever.

Travis ran Pro-Line M4 Hole Shots, Velocity V2 Wheels, and Trifecta Wing Read the rest of this entry »

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Raced in Anaheim,CA at The Yard. It was a great day to race, and great to be part of a memorial race. First heat, my car ran awesome and I was on a good run…finishing in 2nd. Second heat, I kept my focus and got the job done, again finishing in 2nd.

I felt good going into the Main. My car was on point and running amazing. I just had to do my job and keep my concentration and focus up heading into the final round. At the start of the Main, I checked out and was able to keep that pace throughout the race. I was totally focused and in my zone…got into my groove and just flew. I finished strong in 1st, a lap ahead of the rest of the group! A great race day and a great experience.

I ran Pro-Line Hole Shot M3 Tires and Pro-Line Phantom Body

David Carrasco Jr.




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IMG_4563 IMG_4564

Rumble in the Rockies, held at MHOR RC Raceway had 255 entries with 1 qualifier Friday night, 3 Saturday, and triple A-Mains on Sunday.

I TQ’d and won 2WD and 4WD, winning the first two A-Mains in both.

Used MC Positron Front (2WD & 4WD) and Rear on both cars with the New Pro-Line Rear Wing.


- Dustin Evans

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State Championship

Pro-Line Racing California State Championship Feb 18. Early sign ups are open.
You can Sign up @ or in person @ the shop. Read the rest of this entry »

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Scale Builder’s Guild recently held the Pro-Line Racing Ambush Build Off.
1st Place
You can check out the presentations here:
Great Job Everyone! Fantastic Builds.
Learn More about the Pro-Line Ambush 4×4 Mini Scale Crawler Here:

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Its Sweepstakes Time. Enter to win a set of Pro-Line TSL Bogger 1.9″ Rock Terrain Tires!

Enter on the Pro-Line Blog:

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Good Luck!

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