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Stefani Morris

Stefani Morris
Birthdate:October 22nd
Year Started Racing:2012
Favorite Win:It was a win but my favorite race was Reedy 2016! I raced for 30 minutes back to back because I kept bumping! The best time racing I have ever had. So much competition and I cant wait to go back!
Sponsors:Pro-Line, SikLidz, CowRC and Mattox Designs. All though I am not sponsored by them Team C provides me with a great deal of support as well!
Fame:My claim to fame would be that I am one of the few girls to actually race in this sport and I work on my own stuff as well!
First RC Car:Associated 4wd Shortcourse
How did you get started?:My husband Zakk got into racing about a year before me and after being at our local track VRCR everyday I finally picked up a remote and started racing. I started taking it seriously in 2013 and never looked back.
Favorite Class:Mod 2wd and Mod 4wd
Favorite Track:702 RC Raceway, Rc Tracks Las Vegas and Coyote Hobbies
Most Happening City:Las Vegas
Most Anticipated Race:The Reedy International Off-Road Race of Champions
Day job:Mom/Wife
Favorite Vacation:Took a week long vacation to Disneyland/Legoland/Seaworld
Current Car:
Other hobbies:I love hanging out with friends, watching movies, playing with my daughter and all around having a fun time!
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