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Well the weather finally cooperated this afternoon for an outside RC presentation at our Early Childhood School (as well as for me switching into short sleeves during lunch).

The 3-5yr olds loved seeing my QPD squad car along with helping me drive the Pro-Line PRO-2 Police Short Course Truck.  Got lots of hugs and hi-fives!!!


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Spot the Pro-Line PRO-2 Buggy that Danny did!

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RC Cop Stop gave a police RC presentation to one of our parochial schools this morning.

The kids had so much fun driving the Pro-Line PRO-2. Read the rest of this entry »

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I visited a class today and spoke to some 8th graders about police officer’s duties, our uniforms and what tools we use/wear.

They were also given an opportunity to the Pro-Line PRO-2 Short Course Truck and an on-road modified RC with Pro-Line Street Fighter Tires. Read the rest of this entry »

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At the end of June I was asked to give a presentation for our Jr Police Academy. There were approx 60 kiddos signed up. Every kid was able to drive the Pro-Line PRO-2 with the Pro-Line Street Fighter tires.


They were very excited to ramp this RC and to have the PRO-2 soar over them.

The Pro-Line Pit Mats came in handy for the kids to sit on top of the HOT asphalt.

Thank you again for all your support with bringing kids and police together through the hobby of RC.



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I had a really enjoyable weekend, as my 7-yr old son and I raced together at the’s trophy race. We ran a combined four classes, I ran E-Buggy, 2wd and 4wd SCT while my son raced Novice. It was definitely a busy and very tiring day but I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I collected four plaques: two 1st place plaques and a TQ and 2nd place plaque and my son came home with a 3rd place plaque.


It was a complete family adventure as my wife handled a significant portion of the pit crew aspects while also watching and caring for our 2-yr old daughter. We are hoping this weekend was a glimpse of what is to come and hope for many more family weekends at the track.


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The Traxxas Stampede has seen many refinements over the year proving to be a excellent platform. Their latest version replicates that iconic monster truck called “Bigfoot”. Being the original Monster Truck, Bigfoot commands respect and performs to the highest caliber of Monster Truck racing where ever it appears. While the Traxxas’s Stampede based Bigfoot is a decent performer out of the box, we recognize its fill potential and have the necessary upgrades to raise the bar to full Beast Mode status.

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For our 8th Wedding Anniversary, my wife and I planned a trip to Columbus, Ohio to attend the third round of Scotty Ernst’s Off-Road Showdown. It is a 15-hour round trip from our house to Sparks Park RC Raceway so I decided to enter four classes to get as much track time as possible. In addition my wife raced in the Novice division.

I had previously attended round 2 at Beach RC and was highly impressed with the way Scotty Ernst ran the race program so we decided it was a great way to spend our anniversary.

Friday was a full day of practice; it was also my first time on the track with my brand new HB D413. I spent the majority of the time getting familiar with the Buggy and working out any kinks associated with a new build. We were told treaded, clay compound tires were best for the surface at Sparks Park but with track maintenance and frequent watering the best tires ended up being Pro-Line Primes. I had a full set of Primes for all my vehicles except my 4wd Buggy so I had to make due with what I had in that class.

My Pro-Line PRO-2 SCT felt great in the modified 2wd SCT division.

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Myself and an officer (I’m training) were able to show off the PRO-LINE PRO-2 SC truck today to a school that provides services to kids with disabilities that our public schools are not able to provide.

When I asked their director if this would be beneficial to her students, she was ecstatic. She said that 95% of her students are nonverbal, but that this police RC contact would help with their visual and audio stimulation.

7-2016 QPD RCCopStop 1.1

After we showed the kids our squad car, I ran the PRO-LINE PRO-2 with PRO-LINE Street Fighter tires in their parking lot.

2-2016 QPD RCCopStop 3.1

The kiddos really enjoyed our presentation with the PRO-2. Some were visibly/verbally excited and others thanked us with their voice activated computer programs to help them communicate.

7-2016 QPD RCCopStop 2.1

Thank you and PRO-LINE for continuing to assist me with the RCCopStop program.

Matt Hermsmeier Quincy Police (IL)

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Our friend Matt over at RCOverload recently shared his PRO-2 Custom Drift Truck PART II video where he goes over the changes he has made to dial in his custom truck to make it even more drift-tastic (yes that’s a word)!

We are excited to see the next episode! Check him out on YouTube HERE

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