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I went to Auburn Performance Raceway this past weekend and ran the Triple Crown Series Race (1st of 3). There were 11 or 12 total Outlaw Mod Sprint Cars. 6 cars qualified to the A-Main. I qualified 4th. The Main was very tough! Lots of fast guys, I knew my only shot was to stay consistent and make no mistakes. The first few laps I paced with the top 3 guys and luck went my way! We were doing 4-5 seconds lap times so we caught lap traffic by the 2nd or 3rd lap, lol. That’s when it got real interesting. Long story short, I was the only car that was able to finish the race with zero wrecks/mistakes! I ran a flawless race, and was able to lap the whole field. I was very proud of myself. I was able to take the win. This was only my 2nd race in dirt oval after being out of it for 4+ years. Nice to know I still got it!

Mod Sprint Car : I ran Pro-Line Positrons in the Rear and Transistors in the Front
SC mod : I ran Pro-Line Suburbs Front and Rear.
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