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For Scale Crawler kits, GMade has made a name for themselves by first introducing the reliable Sawback Jeep based platform. They have since followed up with a KOMODO Truck version and now a 4LS version of the Sawback which is a newer 4 link suspension equipped kit.  These kits offer great entry level performance as well as upgradable scale trail rig performance. Pro-Line  has you covered on how to upgrade your Saw back into a certified scale crawling machine!
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On Sunday March 13, 2016 I attended a local scale competition.  With partly sunny skies with high 80 degree weather made it a perfect day on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii for another Hawaii Scale Adventure.

A single class competition utilizing  1.9″ Tires.  Took out my Axial SCX10 equipped with a Dodge RAM 1500 Body on traction duties Interco TSL SX Super Swamper XL 1.9″G8 Rock Terrain Truck Tires wrapped around Denali 1.9″ Bead-Loc Wheels

Tatum Bautista





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In this video I’m highlighting some of the new releases from Pro-Line Racing. Their new BF Goodrich Baja T/A KR2 Tires are licensed and have proven themselves in full scale in the King of the Hammers races in both 2014 and 2015. I’m using the 1.9″ version on the SCX10, and the 2.2’s which I also have will be a perfect alternative in case I want to switch things up on my Yeti. Along with the release of the tires Pro-Line has also released some new Beadlock wheels. Made from durable nylon, both the Denali’s in 1.9″ and the FaultLines in 2.2” look super scale, and they all come with aluminum bead lock rings.

The BF Goodrich Baja T/A tires can be found here:
Denali 1.9 beadlock rims-…
Fault line 2.2 beadlock rims-…
The 1966 Ford F100 body for the Axial SCX10 Honcho can be found here:…

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Axial’s RR10 Bomber Platform has burst onto the RC scene, quickly becoming one of the most sought after rigs in a short period of time It has captured the thrill of ULTRA4 Racing / King of the Hammers events. It’s a nicely balanced 1:10 scale rig that lends it self to all sorts of detailing and Upgrades! Pro-Line Racing recognizes this and set out on a quest to build our version of the Ultimate Rock Racer. We are proud to offer exciting products to upgrade this awesome platform into the rock racer of your dreams as well as show you how to put it all together into one awesome package.

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No doubt that Axial’s Yeti Platform has made a significant impact on the Off-Road Rock Racing scene since it was introduced just over a year ago.  It is a versatile crawler / rock racer platform which can be modified to adapt in many different styles of terrain and driving. Pro-Line Racing recognize this and we some offer exciting products to upgrade this awesome platform into the rock racer of your dreams.

What you are about to see here in this article is a culmination of testing and modifications to our 1:10 scale Yeti test unit #1 from the initial release. This vehicle has logged some serious hours and we are glad to share with you this monster of a build.

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Don Hughes and WCRCC at the World famous Vasquez Rocks located in Agua Dulce, CA, USA

Pro-Line Interco TSL SX Super Swamper 1.9″ XL Tires on Denali 1.9″ 8-Spoke Wheels and
Many Numerous Custom “DonFather” approved modifications


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Known for their Tires and Wheels, Pro-Line Racing doesn’t hold back when it comes to Scalers and Rock Racers. The new Denali 2.2″ Bead-Loc Wheels have a true scale look while keeping those Tire beads on lock down with the aluminum rings. The plastic construction keeps the weight down and all the included hardware makes it simple to add your favorite Pro-Line Super Swamper or the all new Flat Iron! The molded in 12mm hex make this Wheel compatible with almost any 1:10 vehicle.

Here’s where I got them and some info from Pro-Line Racing:…

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DaveM here with the latest video of the most current build from Radio Control Patrol. The Sketch Box 1/10 trail truck is complete and out in the field putting in work. The Sketch Box is an Axial SCX10 12” wheel-base trail truck/crawler with a host of upgrades from Pro-Line Racing. The modifications make for a solid Trail Truck and a good looking RC as well.

RC Patrol chose Pro-Line parts for this rig because of the reputation and fact that they make GREAT RC products. We couldn’t afford to play around, we wanted the best.

The Body : 1992 Jeep Cherokee 1/10 Scale from Pro-Line Racing.…

The Bumpers : Pro-Line Racing Ridge Line Wide Bumpers.…

The Wheels: Pro-Line Racing Denali 9 Spoke 1.9 Beadlocks…

The Tires : Pro-Line Super Swamper TSL SX 1.9 XL…

The Shocks : Pro-Line Power Stroke Scale Shocks…

The Rack : Pro-Line tubular roof rack (Square)…

The Gear : Scale Accessories #5 and #7…… On top of that there were numerous light buckets and some LED wiring that had to be done as well as a custom hand painted paint job by me, DaveM. Using paint markers and some quick sketching skills I put together The Sketch Box body and backed it with white. I went for this look to keep the truck bland of color yet complicated in design and quite artistic. Looks like it worked out okay and it stands out from the rest of the Cherokee rigs out there. Look for a blog post of the complete build this weekend:

More videos to follow as The Sketch Box makes it way around the trails here in Georgia. Thanks for viewing and have a good day.

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