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The Traxxas Stampede has seen many refinements over the year proving to be a excellent platform. Their latest version replicates that iconic monster truck called “Bigfoot”. Being the original Monster Truck, Bigfoot commands respect and performs to the highest caliber of Monster Truck racing where ever it appears. While the Traxxas’s Stampede based Bigfoot is a decent performer out of the box, we recognize its fill potential and have the necessary upgrades to raise the bar to full Beast Mode status.

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For Scale Crawler kits, GMade has made a name for themselves by first introducing the reliable Sawback Jeep based platform. They have since followed up with a KOMODO Truck version and now a 4LS version of the Sawback which is a newer 4 link suspension equipped kit.  These kits offer great entry level performance as well as upgradable scale trail rig performance. Pro-Line  has you covered on how to upgrade your Saw back into a certified scale crawling machine!
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Last weekend I attended the Off-road Wars Two Day World Cup in the UK. It was held at the very famous Maritime Raceway, just 45-minutes from Dover.

We ran 2WD on Saturday and 4WD on Sunday. Both categories had 1 Round of practice followed by 4 Rounds of FTD qualifying. My DEX210V2 needed some small setup changes for the wood section parts of the track, but other than that it was good. 2WD Qualifying was really tight, with 4 drivers separated by jus a few seconds. I qualified 3rd for the triple A-Mains. Read the rest of this entry »

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Our friend Brandon Smith shared this video with us of their install of the PRO-2 Clamping Hex’s on their Slash 2WD truck.

Be sure to check it out!

Just Showing You Guys These Pro-Line Clamping Hexs I Got, They Are The Best Looking Upgrade On The Market And Eliminate Wear And Wheel Damage, Pro-Line Has The Best Top Of The Line Stuff, From Performance Part To Kits. They Truly Have The Best Racing Accessories!
Where I Got My Hexs
– Rear Hex…
– Front Hex…

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