Date: 10/13/14
Event: 1st round of the WRL Series
Track: Sparks RC Raceway
Race Setup: 3 Rounds With Single 8-Min A-Mains


Classes Raced:
4×4 SCT
1:8 E-Buggy

1st Round

4×4 SCT- after going out and making a few practice laps, my car was not reading on the lap counting system while going across the line. We figured out that my three wire transponders do not work at this track. So unfortunately, I had to take a DNF for this round.

1:8 E-Buggy- after one of my teammates told me that they had an extra transponder that would work he let me borrow it to swap between my two cars. So after swapping out transponders, I went out in E-Buggy and laid a pretty good run placing me in 3rd overall.

2nd Round

4×4 SCT- now that I had a transponder that would work and knew I was gonna make the second qualifier, I just wanted to go out and put in a decent run to put me on the board and that I did as I qualified overall in 4th position.

1:8 E-Buggy- heading out for this round I had a few more bobbles than what I wanted and slowed down a little putting me in 5th overall.

3rd Round

4×4 SCT- This round was flawless for me in both classes by having super smooth runs while only tagging the pipe maybe once or twice and moving up a spot with both so for the mains I was going to start 3rd in 4×4 SCT and 4th in 1:8 E-Buggy.


The Mains:
4×4 SCT- while starting 3rd I knew that all I had to do was keep the guys infront of me in sight and I could have a chance to pass. I managed to do just that! At about 2 to 3-mins in I made the pass on 2nd place and my goal from there was to hold off Joe Bornhorst from lapping me as I managed to run a mistake free race all the way to the finish in second place!

1:8 E-Buggy- I went out for this race with same mindset as the first and to run my own race and not get into too much traffic. I was racing and I came up on 2nd and 3rd very fast as they got together. From my pressure, I got around them both in one turn! After this happened, my goal was to run good enough to the finish that Joe Bornhorst would not lap me and I did so! Right up until about one minute left he caught up and I help him off the whole rest of the race running the best I have ever ran before in my racing career! I knew I could hold him off fairly decent and ended up falling into a trap and got too comfortable and pushed way wide as he capitalized and passed me on the inside on the last lap, I could not catch back up before the line and finished up a lap down in 2nd.

IMG_95069110782577 IMG_95059496341658

Tekno SCT410, Pro-Line MC ION Tires, Venom 8000 MAH 20C Battery, PT racing oils, and carpys decals

Tekno EB48.2, Pro-Line MC ION Tires, Venom 5000 MAH 50c Battery, PT racing oils, and carpys decals

This whole event was a major event for me due to the fact that I got to go hang out and race with my teammate and good friend Joe while getting to learn a lot from him to progress in my racing skills, which it did. He taught me something that I never learned before known as the “STRIKE” it helped me so much!

Thanks to all my sponsors, Tekno RC, Pro-Line Racing, Venom/Atomik, PT racing oils, and carpys!

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You saw the a unveiling, the first drive, and the review. Still want more?

Now it’s time to watch the Pro-Line Racing PRO-MT get built!

Our in house fix it guy Wrench sat down and did the full build in about 2 hours. We won’t make you watch that long though, the video is super speedy so you get it all in about 3 minutes!

Don’t forget to check out the Official PRO-MT Page HERE.

Need more Pro-Line news? Get it Here on Big Squid RC!

Read Big Squid RC Article…

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2014 Reedy Truck Race of Champions was held at Hot Rod Hobbies October 4-5. There were about 105 entries.


I ran PRO-2 and Mod Stadium Truck. I had TQ’d both classes with my Kyosho SC6 and RT6.

I ran Pro-Line X2 all weekend and they were hooked up! Read the rest of this entry »

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lmtttttttttttttttttttttttttLMT MEELMT A

VIDEO - Aaron Hess Slo Mo video Wheeling his Hotbodies D812e


- Aaron Hess

Pro-Line Fugitive Tires

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You all saw how the IFMAR Worlds ended. On November 28th you’ll see how it all happened in the latest “Come Drive With Us” Movie!

5150 Media Production

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This Last Saturday I fished racing a race at A-Mains Silver Dollar Raceway in Chico, California. The day started off really well with practice, both cars felt really good and I was ready for qualifying to start. I decided to run my NB48 Nitro Buggy and my EB48.2 E-Buggy. The electric qualifier was first. I didn’t have the best run but I was able to put some really good laps in late to get the TQ for the round. As for nitro, there were two heats with a total of 17 drivers, I had a fairly decent run going but flamed out with thirty-seconds left in the qualifier causing me to not finish the race. After the disappointing run I regrouped and worked on my cars going into round two of the quals.

Starting with electric again, I put in a much better run and secured the overall TQ. In nitro, I had a good run without any flameouts putting me 4th on the grid with a pretty stacked field of drivers. After a lunch break the Mains started, the 10-minute electric Main was up first. It was nice starting on the pole allowing me to get a nice break from the pack and a mistake free run, securing the win in the E-Buggy class!

Screenshot_2014-10-12-14-19-20 Screenshot_2014-10-12-14-19-47

For Nitro, I had a excellent run going with the top 4 guys but late in the 20-minute race I traction rolled in a corner and nobody saw me for at least 30-seconds causing me to be a whole lap down. I was still in 6th place after that and I did my best to catch up but I ran out of fuel on the second to last corner still taking 6th place.

The Pro-Line X4 LockDowns were absolutely hooked up and both the Tekno cars were dialed!!!

It was a great day of racing and a big congratulations to Mark Schroeder for winning the Pro-Tek engine and letting me run his spare 2060 pipe!!!

A huge thanks to my sponsors once again: Tekno RC, Pro-Line Racing, Airtronics, Byrons Race Fuels, DE Racing, Red’s Airbrush Design, and All Around RC & Hobbies.

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Exp. Buggy

Round 6 of the JBRL Nitro Series was held at Revelation Raceway in Ontario, CA. Once again the series attracted a large amount of talented drivers with a total of more than 120 entries. The event saw and great battle in qualifying between TLR’s Adam Drake and Kyosho’s Cody King for the top spot in Expert Nitro Buggy. King took the TQ honors by .005 over Drake. Adam Drake went on to win in the Expert Nitro Buggy class followed by Cody King, and Cody Smith (TLR). Drake used Novarossi’s Keep Off 4 engine to power his Team Losi Racing 8ight 3.0 Buggy. Drake used Pro-Line’s M3 Holeshot 2.0 tires for qualifying and the final.  Read the rest of this entry »

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The Pro-line Pro-2 with the Evo sc body


My name is Clay Wahlstedt and I am 16 years old. I live in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

I started getting into RC cars about five years ago when I purchased a Traxxas Stampede. From there on I was hooked. My collection has now grown to include a modified 2wd Traxxas Slash, a Custom Trophy Truck that I built and will talk about in a separate post, a TLR 22 SCT, and most important a Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck. All of my vehicles are decked out with Pro-Line products, nothing but the best!

I have now had the chance to test and tune the PRO-2 and it has been an awesome handling vehicle and very durable. The car has slightly high stance for a short course truck but that as no effect on the cornering and traction rolling. In addition the overall look of this car is very nice with all the blue anodized parts integrated into the design.


I chose to deck out my PRO-2 with a Tekin RS Gen 2 speed control with a Reedy Sonic 17.5 motor for the stock short course class at Trackside Hobbies in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have also added the carbon fiber shock tower stiffener to increase the handling of the suspension on indoor tracks. Other than that my PRO-2 is completely stock and it is killer! Can’t wait for future races with the PRO-2 and Pro-Line.


Follow me on Instagram @15cw for more on my rc cars.

Can’t thank Pro-Line enough for believing in me and letting me be a part of the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC team!


Clay Wahlstedt

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Pro-Line is quick on the draw with a new look for the Axial Yeti. The VW Baja Bug is the latest in Pro-Line’s lineup of off-road vee-dubs, and fits directly over the Yeti’s stock cage. The body arrives clear with overspray film, window masks, and decals (as always). Lightbar sold separately, you know you want one. Expect PL to officially release the VW Baja Bug for the Axial Yeti soon.

Let’s see those hands–who wants to see us put a Project Yeti under this lid?

This just in…Pro-Line will be releasing the Blockade tread design in a new 3.8” version for monster trucks. Spy shot below!


Read RC Car Action Article…

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This past weekend I finished the final round of the Team Associated/Reedy Summer Series at Hobbyplex Raceway in Omaha, NE.

IMG_415076272638635 (1)

The series consisted of 6-rounds with 1 drop. Unfortunately I was forced to miss the first round leaving me no room for error. I ran 2 classes in the summer series 4wd Short Course and 2wd Short Course with both classes having very large turnouts and lots of team drivers chasing a podium spot the competition was very tough.

In 4wd Short Course I managed to pull off 2nd place overall. I ran a few different sets of tires throughout the series consisting of IONs, Suburbs and in the final round I ran the new Electrons.

The Electrons performed absolutely flawless with the perfect blend of forward bite and side bite I couldn’t have asked for a better tire in both my 4wd and 2wd Short Course trucks.

In 2wd Short Course I only had my Pro-Line PRO-2 SC truck for the final 3 rounds. I did manage to pull off a 5th place overall finish for the series.

The Pro-Line PRO-2 SC truck has been impressing more and more with each race it shows me just how much potential it has and the durability is far better than any other 2wd Short Course I’ve ever seen.

Thank you,
Josh Havens

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