It’s a RECON G6 weekend here in St. Louis! While you can get the event details right here there is one very important change to note. The actual G6 event (and mud race) on Saturday will take place right down the road from the listed spot on the website. The new location is Sports Center Park in St. Peters, MO. The recent torrential rain forced us to move last minute. All is well though, we are ready for a great day!

I’m riding into G6 battle with two rigs; my Captain America piloted Axial G6 SCX10 for the main day stage, and our SCX10 C/R Edition fresh off of review. The G6 truck is waterproofed and heavily modified…the C/R is bone stock (save for the battery plate being moved to the front). It will be interesting to see how they do.

I’m also pumped up for the Mega Truck mud race taking place in between stages. I’ve been heavily testing the truck and it’s as ready to go as it’s gonna be. I took out the Castle 6900 motor and slotted in a 4600. It’s got gobs of torque and is much easier to handle (the 6900 was just way too hot). Here are some of my testing pictures.

Mega Truck Testing Gallery

I did a new body for it, a Pro-Line 1966 F-100 (#3415-00) that I’ve dubbed the Monster Mule (in the spirit of my Clodbuster with the same name). I’m ready to hit the pit and see what she’s made of. And speaking of blue Fords, my friends at BIGFOOT 4×4 have donated a very cool trophy for the mud race – a section of drive-shaft loop that was recently used (and grenaded) on a BIGFOOT race truck!


Be sure to stop by for complete details and awesomeness!

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View the full RCRacing.TV Unboxing… 

#4001-00 Pro-Line Pro-2 1:10 Short Course Desert Truck

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Maximus R/C Raceway in York, ME was hosting a 6 race points series called the Iron Maximus. This event started on March 1 and ended on April 5 consisting of six consecutive weeks. You would collect points at each event for your overall finish for the day and dropping your worst score. So after a 6 week series they would tally all your points, drop your lowest score, and crown a champion on April 5, 2014. The Iron Maximus series averaged 100 entries at each race.

I competed in all 6 races and was running 3 classes at each of them : ( 4wd mod buggy, Pro4 SC, and 1:8 E-Buggy). All in all I had great success at these events accumulating many TQ runs and many !st overall scores. At the end I was crowned  Iron Maximus Champion in all 3 classes.

My 4wd buggy was equipped with:  M4 IONs(front) M4 Protons(rear)

Pro4 SC was equipped with: M4 Suburbs

1/8 Ebuggy was equipped with : X4 IONs

I want to take this opportunity to thank all my sponsors for their continued support in 2014. It is now time to head outdoors.

Thanks, Scott

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Last weekend I attended the 2014 Silver State Nitro Challenge, the track was fun but by the end of the second qualifiers the track had braking and accelerating bumps everywhere which made it very difficult to hold a line.

My Pro-Line M3 Bow-Ties worked amazing in my TLR 8ight 3.0 buggy, they had plenty of traction and absorbed the bumps better than any tire out there.

In my TLR 8ight 3.0 Truggy, I ran M3 Blockades all weekend long and I was very pleased how they handled the fluff and all the bumps, I was able to pull off a 8th overall out of the Open Truggy A-main.

Thank you Pro-Line for the great products and all the support!

Jose Alvarado

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The RC Race Barn in Jefferson City, MO is a good sized indoor off-road track literally in a barn. The track is usually hosts only 1/10 and 1/8 electric off-road and dirt oval, but for this race they opened their doors and invited the nitro guys to come and race. Some of fast guys came from all over the state, including St. Louis, Kansas City, and countless others.


On the Friday the track was open for evening practice. I was not in a big rush, since most of the track was the same as the last time I raced there with my 1/10 2wd, and 4wd buggies. So I was mainly gluing tires, helping others, and watching the moisture content of the track. I glued up some X4 IONs and X4 Holeshots, so I would be prepared if the track was run dry or wet. My first run of the day was in E-Buggy, with my IONs. The track still had good moisture in it, so my XB8e was dialed. Next was nitro, since the track was drying out and forming a slick blue groove, I opted for my X4 Holeshots. Again my car was great, ran a couple of tanks to get my tune down and to get my nitro finger working again. Before the night was done, I took my ebuggy out on X4 Holeshots just to get the feel down before qualifying.

No water was being laid down at all, so the track would get slicker as the weekend would go on. So before qualifying I made some clutch and brake adjustments on the nitro XB8 and some rear geometry changes to the XB8e to better suit the changing track. Read the rest of this entry »

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photo 1

Elliott TQ and won the second round at the wend of E-Buggy Nationals using X4 Diamond Back

photo 2

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RC Overload

#10105-00 Pro-Line Big Joe II 2.2″
#6086-00 Pro-Line Tire Bands
#6031-00 Pro-Bond Tire Glue
#6031-00 Replacement Glue Tips

RC Overload Forum

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jbrl podium

Round 1 of the JBRL Nitro Series was held at Thunder Alley RC Raceway.  There were right around 220 entries.  I signed up in the intermediate class for truggy and buggy.  Qualifying was decent in round 1 for truggy, I was seventh overall, but in round 2 the track got faster and I switched up to Blockades to save my Holeshots for the main. That was the wrong move as my first round time didn’t hold up and I ended up being “B”q.  In the B main I got a great start and drove away from the field for the 12min race I led wire to wire and bumped up to the A main.  In the A, I started 11th on the grid and held off on the start and drove around the big pile up in the first corner and found myself up to third.  My truggy was hooked up on VTR Holeshots with the BullDog body.  Ended up finishing 2nd after the 15min main was over.

Steve Eaton

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The 2014 Silver State Nitro Challenge presented by “The Dirt Racing” and “Pro-Line” was held over the weekend with just over 250 entries for this 4 day event. Drivers from across the world made the trip down for another epic event. Here’s a quick look at the Pro-Line Teams success from this years SSNC.

Pro Buggy: 1st Kyle McBride (M3 Blockade) 2nd Ty Tessmann (X3 Blockade)

SS Buggy Pro

Pro Truggy: 1st Drew Moller (M3 Blockade VTR) TQ Ty Tessmann (M3 HoleShot VTR)


Open Buggy: 1st Colby Poh (M3 Blockade) 2nd Colin Herzig (X3 Bow-Tie) 3rd Jason Miller (M3 Blockade)


Open Truggy: 1st Brian Sullivan (M3 Blockade VTR) 2nd  Mason Elliott (M3 Blockade VTR) 3rd Victor Guerrero (M3 Blockade VTR)


Pro-Line would like to thank “The Dirt Racing“, “Jimmy Babcock and crew”, and of course all the racers who participated. Next up is NeoBuggy, followed by the Pro-Line Lone Star Challenge in Texas.

Stay tuned for more results from our Team.

Photos courtesy of “RC Insider”.

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This weekend, Pro-Line Driver Cole Ogden and I made the trip down to SCRC in Cocoa Beach, FL for Leadfinger R/C’s 2nd Anniversary race. The track was tight, high bite, and with a serious blue groove. Traction was absolutely ridiculous. I ran Pro E-Buggy and 2wd Modified Buggy. This would be my first big event with the midship RB6.

The race brought out 197 total entries with 26 heats. I qualified 3rd in Mod Buggy and 7th in E-Buggy.

After some tight and risky battles, I was able to take 4th in Mod Buggy. In E-Buggy, I was running 3rd until I had a drivetrain issue which would take me out of the race. I ran M3 Scrubs and Suburbs on my 2wd and M3 Blockades on my E-Buggy.

Big thanks to Chris Schaefer at LFR for putting on an awesome race and also the continuous support! Also, thanks to all of my other sponsors. Can’t wait for next years race!

-Eddy Cordoba

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