The 2014 ROAR Region 2 Off-Road Championships series has come to a conclusion. After five rounds of racing at different tracks through out the Mid-Atlantic region, an awards banquet was held to recognize the top racers through the competition on Saturday October 11th in Washington D.C. This was the first annual banquet for the off-road series which has been in existence for several years. As the participation increased at the events through out the years, it was time to take the final awards presentation outside of the events and have it’s own dedicated time where racers and their families could enjoy dinner, refreshments, conversations with friends and donated raffle items from the series sponsors.


Eleven year old, Ethan Mackanick, from Shippensburg, PA represented Pro-Line Racing with his 7th place over all finish in the 1:8 Electric Buggy division. The 1:8 E-Buggy class was the largest class in the series with ninety-two racers represented from Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, South Carolina, Ohio, and North Carolina.  The series opener RC Pro in Hayes, VA had one hundred and thirty-six entries with the season final at Trains and Lanes Hobbies in Easton, PA coming out to ninety-eight entries. Pro-Line teammates, Anthony Mazzarra and Brian Miskolczi, were also among the top finishers in the Electric and Nitro powered Buggy and Truggy classes.

Ethan ran a Mugen MBX-6 Eco Buggy equipped with the Pro-Line BullDog body, Trifecta Wing and primarily M3 and X3 compounds of Hole Shots, Blockades, and LockDowns through the five race events of the series. His tires maintained the best bond to the wheels while using the Pro-Line Racing Pro-Bond Tire Glue over several months of racing between the series and other events attended during the non-series weekends.

Thank you to the Pro-Line team for continuing to provide the highest quality products and support for competition racing.

- Jason Mackanick

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So last night I raced my 1:10 4WD Buggy in a club race with all the locals at RC Madness in Enfield, CT.

I qualified 3rd using Pro-Line Pin Point front and rear for my Buggy.

My fastest lap was a 13.9 I believe and that was one of the fastest laps of the night.

I ended up taking the win in the Main also!


Unfortunately, the competitors that qualified 1st and 2nd broke their cars before the main kicked off so I was able to get the win without much struggle. It was kinda upsetting considering the 2 other guys were very fast and we would have had a great race! Overall it was a good night.

- Cameron Dopp

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Visit HemiStorm RC YouTube Page…

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I finally had a chance to run a pair of Suburbs VTR 2.4″ MC Rear Tires and the results were impressive!

I put a fresh pair of VTR Suburbs MC (Clay) on the rear of my Kyosho RB6 and hit the track. After about 6-7 laps the Buggy came to life, the tires had impressive forward and side bite. As I continued making laps, the tires only improved and became more consistent. My lap times were down by 1 second compared to other bar style clay tires I had been running. After the first Qualifier of the day, I cleaned the tires and did a light application of traction compound and let them dry. It was time for round 2 of qualifying, once on the track the tires were even better! I was blown away at how much of a difference they made in my driving. My RB6 was now predictable and fun to drive, the harder I pushed it the better it handled. The VTR Suburbs continue to improve, they have about 10 6-minute runs on them now and offer consistent performance throughout the day as the track dries-out.

The verdict…. Wow! Very impressed with the new Suburb’s VTR design and the consistent performance. These will now remain one of my go-to tire choices for indoor clay tracks.

Track: Mike’s RC World Bellingham, WA

  • Indoor Med. to High grip
  • Smooth Clay – Wet in the morning

Car: Kyosho RB6 in Rear Motor Config.

- Ian Hanson


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Finished up 3rd overall in 1:8 E-buggy for the 2014 JBRL Electric Series. Thanks to all my sponsors! +Pro-Line Racing +Atomik RC +Tekin Racing #airtronics #blaisracing #coyotehobbiesraceway #venom

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Well it was a tight and close battle for Johnathan at the JBRL Finals but after his round two lead in 17.5 Stock Short Course from Round 2 to the end, Jonathan ended up taking the overall win at Hot Rod by 3 points!

He used Pro-Line EVO body and X2 Suburbs all the way around mounted on White Renegade wheels. He also finished 12th in 17.5 Stock Buggy which was a very competitive class.

Next year we plan on moving him up to Mod 4WD and Mod 2WD Buggy.


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Ty Tessmann shows off the Pro-Line Trifecta wing and gives tips on how to get the most performance and durability out of it.

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It’s hard working on a truck that rolls all over your tailgate or pit table, therefore many hobbyists use car stands when they wrench. We recently got a chance to check out both of the new car stands (1:10 & 1:8) from Pro-Line Racing and here is what we found out- Read the rest of this entry »

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Rich was able to set a new track record using Pro-Line Interco TSL SX Super Swamper  XL 2.2″ tires!

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Final round of the Mugen Grand Prix Series concluded this weekend at Heritage RC Park in Chula Vista, CA.

photo 3 photo 2

I finished 4th in 1:8 Buggy on the day in the 40+ expert class and 3rd overall in the championship.

Used Pro-Line X3 Hole Shot 2.0′s. The car was hooked up all day. Tires had great grip and awesome wear. Pro-Line tires are the best in the industry!

photo 1

Thanks again for all the help and support guys!!!!!

- Travis Cory

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