Hello everyone! I have been putting together my Pro-Line PRO-2 Short Course Buggy and I was noticing that the front shock tower has a good amount of flex.
The Pro-Line Carbon Fiber front shock tower brace is a great way to stiffen up the front end, Part number 6109-00. The only catch is that the brace is made for the the PRO-2 SC Truck and not the buggy conversion.
In order to make the brace work and have the body fit the same, you need to cut the brace.
Here is a picture of the piece that needs to be cut out. I ended up using a rotary tool in order to get a clean cut.
Here is a shot of the tower once I finished cutting the brace.
Be careful not to cut the tower if you are cutting the brace while it is all mounted up. I would advise to measure and cut the brace while it is off if you are not comfortable cutting it while mounted.

If the brace is added, the front bumper can no longer fit through the front tower like is normally does. This problem is easily solved by cutting the bumper and only using the bar. The bumper is very sturdy despite removing some of the structure. And after the extra stuff is removed, the bumper looks very stylish.


Here is a shot of the bumper after I completed cutting it up. There is a bend on the outside edge of the bumper where I cut it. Just simply follow that edge and it will be very even.


Here is a shot of the final modification. I ground the bumper to smooth things out. After everything is mounted back up, the front shock tower no longer flexes so easily.

The improved rigidity gained with this modification helps the shocks dampen more consistently. High traction tracks really bring this improvement to life!

Good luck at the races! Remember, you can always ask me for help, just look for the Pro-Line vehicles with the KLA logo at the track.

-Matthew Garcia

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Attitude Raceway Triple Crown

Attitude RC Raceway presents The Late Model Triple Crown Series

To Be Held:
June 22nd – August 3rd – September 14th

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Yesterday was the second race day of the outdoor season, and my first. I’ve been dying to get outdoors just to take advantage of the great weather and our awesome local track.


Was great to see Josh Wheeler come out and race with us also!

I only raced E-Buggy today as my engine for the nitro car has not come in yet and I have a few more items to get for it.

20140419_174246_resized_1 20140419_115247_resized_1 20140416_230612_resized_1

With only an hour of practice on my RC8.2e, I knew I had a little work ahead of me to dial the car in and get on the pace. Luckily I found something that worked pretty decently. Read the rest of this entry »

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RC Soup
Pro-Line Racing has been making parts for the RC industry for 30+ years. In all that time, they never manufactured a full kit. Until now. This is their first- The PRO-2 2wd Short Course Truck.DSCF3028-580x434

It is a 1/10th scale, 2wd Short Course Truck. It comes with just about everything you need to build it. It comes with the Pro-Line Flo-tek body.


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The 8th edition of the Petit Race was held in Dortmund, Germany. It was part of the biggest Toy Fair in Europe with 88,000 consumers over 5 days. The track was really nice and flowing with many jumps. Drivers from Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Poland made the trip to Dortmund. The race started with free practice on Friday until 2pm, followed by 2 Rounds of controlled practice for each of the 4 classes. Pro-Line Driver Jörn Neumann was able to dominate from the beginning setting the pace in all 3 classes he entered. Saturday was 2WD qualifying and finals. 4 Rounds of FTD qualifying and triple A-mains. Jörn again set the pace in each Round. The triple A-mains had a different format and where now 7min long instead of 5min qualifying. Jörn was able to check out in A1 and A2 to win his first championship for the weekend.


On Sunday it was 4WD and 4WD Short Course time. Again FTD qualifying in 4WD, but not in 4WD Short Course. 4WD Short Course was in “Reedy Race style modus” with only finals (7 Rounds), lined up in Motorcross start all the time. In 4WD Buggy the same persons made the show as in 2WD, Jörn again set the pace in each qualifying followed by Christopher Krapp in 2nd. The finals showed again the amazing speed of Jörn as he again easily won A1 and A2 to wrap up his 2nd championship for the weekend.

4WD Short Course was the last race of the day and Jörn was able to win 6 Rounds to get his 3rd championship for the weekend!

Pro-Line products used:

#6250-17 Trifecta wing
#3366-17 Flo-Tek Ford F150 Raptor SVT Clear Body
#2740-03 F-11 wheels black
#6115-07 Pro-Line closed cell foams

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RC Overload

“…all I have too say is, WOW these tires are amazing! I had an absolute blast testing them out on the E-REVO!”
- Matt W.

#10105-00 Big Joe II 2.2″ All Terrain Tires for 1:16 Summit® and Savage XS Flux

RC Overload Forum


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This past weekend, Leadfinger Racing held it’s 2nd Anniversary race at Space Coast RC, the home of the 2014 Electric 1/10th Nationals.  There were 197 entries for the event with racers from Florida, Alabama and Georgia.  Chris Schaefer of Leadfinger R/C did an outstanding job putting on this event along with SCRC, which is one of the best facilities to ever get to race at.


Pro E-Buggy was the featured class of the event and Pro-Line Driver, Cole Ogden followed up his overall TQ by taking the win easy fashion.  Cole used M3 Blockades on his TLR 3.0 Buggy.  Cole lead all 32 laps of the 10 Minute A-Main to easily secure the win.  Fellow team-mate and friend, Eddy Cordoba was in 4th place when he had electronic issues and forced an early exit, 10 laps into the race.



In Mod 2wd Buggy, Pro-Line dominated the class by taking 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th overall.  Jeremy Harris took the overall TQ and followed it up with an amazing run battling with teammates Billy Easton, Leon McIntosh and Eddy Cordoba.  All four drivers were able to get an extra lap using M3 Suburbs and M3 Scrubs.  Jeremy Harris was also able to take TQ in Stock Buggy.

Mod Buggy

In the truck classes, Landen Lewis was able to bring home the win Stadium truck and take 2nd place in Short Course.  Using M3 Scrubs on the rear and MX Scrubs on the front of his Kyosho RT6 in Mid-Motor, Landen was able to secure the win.  Fellow team-mate, Brandon Demark came in 4th and Landen’s dad, Brian Lewis came in 5th.  With his Kyosho Short Course, Landen used M3 IONs on the rear and MX IONs on the front.  His trucks were hooked up all day with all the traction needed along with exceptional tire wear.


The entire Pro-Line team worked extremely hard together.  We would like to thank Pro-Line racing for always supporting and being there to help provide what ever is needed to excel.

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Hello everyone! I was lucky enough to race the GRRS round 3 race at Thunder Alley RC Raceway this past weekend. I must say, the track was pretty insane and also the most fun I have had in a long time.


Here is an image of the huge step up jumps on the left side of the track. They proved to be quite the challenge during racing. If you handled the obstacles incorrectly then you ended up on your roof… and it was a while before a marshall got up those hills you flip your vehicle. There jumps were very large. this picture does not quite give them justice. Read the rest of this entry »

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It’s a RECON G6 weekend here in St. Louis! While you can get the event details right here there is one very important change to note. The actual G6 event (and mud race) on Saturday will take place right down the road from the listed spot on the website. The new location is Sports Center Park in St. Peters, MO. The recent torrential rain forced us to move last minute. All is well though, we are ready for a great day!

I’m riding into G6 battle with two rigs; my Captain America piloted Axial G6 SCX10 for the main day stage, and our SCX10 C/R Edition fresh off of review. The G6 truck is waterproofed and heavily modified…the C/R is bone stock (save for the battery plate being moved to the front). It will be interesting to see how they do.

I’m also pumped up for the Mega Truck mud race taking place in between stages. I’ve been heavily testing the truck and it’s as ready to go as it’s gonna be. I took out the Castle 6900 motor and slotted in a 4600. It’s got gobs of torque and is much easier to handle (the 6900 was just way too hot). Here are some of my testing pictures.

Mega Truck Testing Gallery

I did a new body for it, a Pro-Line 1966 F-100 (#3415-00) that I’ve dubbed the Monster Mule (in the spirit of my Clodbuster with the same name). I’m ready to hit the pit and see what she’s made of. And speaking of blue Fords, my friends at BIGFOOT 4×4 have donated a very cool trophy for the mud race – a section of drive-shaft loop that was recently used (and grenaded) on a BIGFOOT race truck!


Be sure to stop by for complete details and awesomeness!

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View the full RCRacing.TV Unboxing… 

#4001-00 Pro-Line Pro-2 1:10 Short Course Desert Truck

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