This past weekend at the 17th annual Hot Rob Hobbies Shootout.  There were about 270 entries.


In the 4×4 Modified Short Course class, David would take the overall TQ and would then go onto dominate both A-Mains #1 & #2 to take home his 1st Championship of the weekend with his Orion powered Team Losi Racing TEN SCTE 2.0 with Pro-Line X2 Suburbs.


In the 1:8 Electric Buggy class, David would qualify 2nd overall and then drive flawlessly to take the Wins in A-Mains #1 & #2 to take home his 2nd Championship of the weekend in his Orion powered Team Losi Racing 8ight E 3.0 with Pro-Line X2 IONs.

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Great Racing this past weekend at the Hot Road Hobbies Shootout!

Johnathan made the A-Main in both 17.5  Buggy and 17.5 SC. Racing was very close in both classes.


Johnathan took 2nd in 17.5 Short Course using the EVO SC body with X2 Suburbs in the front and X2 IONs in the rear on White Renegade Wheels.

image2 image3

- John Schultz

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Pro-Line Racing is famous for great Tires and Bodies in the RC world. From Pro level drivers to backyard bashers, they have you covered from the rubber side to the shiny side, until now! A few months back, Pro-Line Racing unveiled their new PRO-2 2WD Short Course Truck Kit and it was a hit. Originally parts from the PRO-2 were designed to help fix issues with the Traxxas® Slash® 2WD, but Pro-Line had visions of perfection. Now available as an open wheeled ShortCourse Buggy, this 1:10 kit is unboxed and ready for electronics in my video. Badged with icons like Blockade Tires, F-11 Wheels, PowerStroke shocks and ProTrac suspension, this Short Course Buggy will be nothing short of amazing!

Here’s where I got it and some info from Pro-Line Racing:

Durable. Proven. Performance.
The PRO-2 Buggy kit is one of Pro-Line’s most refined products ever produced through the course of our 30-year History. We combined our highest quality and best performing SC accessories into one box to create the ultimate Go Anywhere – Do Anything Short Course Buggy.
Core Features
Realistic Buggy Looks and Performance. The PRO-2 Buggy combines incredible scale Desert Buggy styling with performance that is light-years ahead of every Short Course Truck. The PRO-2 Buggy jumps better, lands better and corners better than the PRO-2 SC Truck counterpart and looks like a realistic buggy!

Performance LCG Chassis
Durability meets Performance with Pro-Line’s PRO-2 SC Performance Chassis. The 3mm thick Hard Anodized 7075-T6 Aluminum Chassis extends the full length of the Buggy for maximum durability and keeps everything in-line and extremely low for optimum performance.

Performance Transmission
The Transmission is the Heart of any vehicle and the PRO-2’s heart is Proven. The Performance Transmission has been a popular upgrade for many other vehicles and has now found a permanent home in the PRO-2. The Oil-filled, tunable Differential coupled with the Steel Top Shaft, Idler Gear and Internal Diff Gears define what the PRO-2 Buggy is all about: Durable. Proven. Performance.

PowerStroke Shocks
The PowerStroke Shocks utilize dual-rate spring technology just like the big boys. The bodies are threaded for precision ride height adjustment and are finished with a high performance coating for great performance and appearance. This is one of the #1 most popular performance upgrades that Pro-Line has ever produced and they come as standard equipment with the PRO-2 Buggy.

ProTrac™ Suspension
A Performance revolution started in the RC industry when Pro-Line introduced the Original ProTrac Suspension upgrade kit. The long arm suspension design improves suspension smoothness for unmatched rough track handling while using negative offset wheels to reduce scrub radius and for precision cornering. Made in the USA.

Blockade SC Tires / F-11 Wheels
Pro-Line knows tires and we included the Best of the Best with the PRO-2 SC. The National Championship Winning Blockade tread combined with the super traction of our Soft M3 compound provides performance on any terrain.

Made in the USA

View RCNetwork YouTube Page…

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Our friend Stephanie from the Hobby Town in Corona, CA shared some awesome pictures with us from the 2014 Axial Fest this year.


Walking and crawling (multitasking lol) to get to the river trails!

Down by the river. There were a ton of perfect rocks and boulders to spend hours crawling. Luckily we had some pretty amazing Interco TSL SX Super Swamper Tires to help! Read the rest of this entry »

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Pro-Line Racing has just released a new high performance for 1:8 Buggy. The LockDown is available in M and X compounds. In the center, 8 pins are aligned to form a 4×2 pins square. On each sides of the square, there are rows of three pins. All rows of pins are distanced from each other’s for better traction. The LockDowns fit right between the Blockades and the Hole Shot 2.0. The LockDowns have X on the sides of the tread to eliminate the “catchy” feeling in the ruts and reduce the chances of flipping over.


As always, I’ve mounted my LockDowns M3 on white P-L Velocity Wheels. Blue closed cells inserts are included with the tires. It will be hard for me to not compare the new LockDowns with the Blockades because the Blockades are my number one tires for all my cars, they work the best for me, no matter the vehicle I put them on.

With a fully charged LiPo pack, I did few warming laps on our unprepared track just to get used with my new tires. To my surprise, the LockDowns were performing pretty much like my good old trusty Blockades. In the sections covered with more loose dirt on the top, the LockDowns felt quite aggressive. The small pins were able to find traction even in the loose dirt. In the more packed sections and racing lanes, the Lockdowns really shine. On a tight 90 degrees corner right at the end of a 110FT straight, I usually slowdown because I don’t want my buggy to catch in ruts and flip over. With the LockDowns, I was able to carry more corner speed in this particular section of the track. The side bite is excellent and the Xs on the sides really smooth out side traction. The next time I’ll race the LockDowns, I’ll slightly reduce all around camber to increase overall contact patch.


It would be easy to conclude by saying that the new Pro-Line LockDown tires fill the gap between the Holeshot and the Blockade tires. Sure they do but they also do more than just filling a gap. The LockDowns have excellent forward and side tractions, they are also very predictable when cornering and the small pins literally “bite” the dirt to increase traction. Now, I hope Pro-Line will start making the LockDowns for Short Course Trucks and 1:10 Buggies because they are excellent tires that work very well on my track and will also work very well for most tracks.

lockdown_review_4 lockdown_review_2


Read Article…

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Had a fun day on Saturday racing in the Bring The Heat race at Wildflower Motorsport Raceway in Spring Hill, Tennessee.


Qualified second in the B-Main in E-Buggy. Switched to M3 Hole Shot 2.0 for more traction and more speed around the track. Finished second with a bump up to A-Main. Read the rest of this entry »

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First off I want to thank everyone at Pro-Line for the support that we all receive with your exceptional products!

I did the PRO-2 Short Course Truck build Nick Blais style and it ran great! The truck just had a little jumping out on acceleration that needed curbed. So I went researching what was working out in the RC world.

This is what I came up with for this Awesome Short Course Truck:

• I changed out the front shock tower with a Anza carbon fiber unit with -5 deg Anza front hubs reducing the kick.

• Replaced the top plate with a Anza carbon fiber unit eliminating flex.

• R&R the transmission with a FLM aluminum and a Traxxas steel gear diff, used the P-L idler with an STRC top shaft that will accept TLR and AE clutch packs and spurs.  Tossed in a set of ceramic bearings for performance and an RPM gear cover for a cool look.

• Changed the rear toe block arm mount to billet 4 deg. (made the wheel base 327mm & 7 deg to toe)

• I also changed out the back shock tower with a combination of carbon fiber and aluminum from Anza. Then added 2 deg rear hubs with 5×12 bearings mounted in reverse. (made the wheelbase 328mm & 5 deg of toe)

• Front Wheels are +3mm, Rear wheels are ProTrac Offset. Custom battery hold down. Width 292mm front and rear.

Report7-14-2014-1 Report7-14-2014-2 Report7-14-2014-3
Report7-14-2014-4 Report7-14-2014-5 Report7-14-2014-6

It was tested under extreme conditions for 10 hours of continuous running.
The only part that showed wear: the Out-Drives and Tires.

Here is the SETUP SHEET 

- Buddy Blacksmith

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Hot Rod 2014 Layout

Pro-Line X2 Compound tires dominated the 17th Annual Hot Rod Shootout taking the Win in Mod 2wd Buggy, Mod 4wd Buggy, Mod Truck, 1/8 E-Buggy, Pro-4 SC, Super Stock Buggy, Super Stock Truck and Stock Buggy!  That is total domination over the competition!

Some images courtesy of RedRC

4wd Buggy Ty Tessmann

Pro-Line’s Ty Tessmann dominated 4wd Buggy taking the TQ position and Winning A1 and A2 with his Pro-Line shod ride.  Ty chose the Type-R body and VTR Electrons to dominate the competition.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Congratulations to JOSHUAH for winning the Reader’s Rides Contest!

Joshuah submitted a Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck with 1966 F-100 body and won!

Title: The old fishin rig!

Description: My old fishing truck prepped and ready for racing. My second PRO-2 kit under the lid.

Great Job Joshuah!

Don’t forget to submit your next ride at for a chance to win.

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Had a fun filled TNS Round 2 race at SCVRC. It was nice to see old and new friends.

tns scvrc landin cars

I took the TQ and win with Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck.

tns scvrc sc

I also took TQ and 2nd with 1:10 Truck

Read the rest of this entry »

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