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What an awesome time today at the Race for the Cure at The Dungeon R/C Speedway in Gainsville GA. Couldn’t be more happy to support the Tata’s with a group effort raising over $400! Big thanks to everyone involved Andrew Trask, Richard McDaniel, Angee McDaniel , Randy Evans and the girls for all you do!!

Racing was super close all day with one mistake would cost you big, pretty much my qualifiers in a nut shell. After a some changes before the Mains (Pro-Line Primes) I was a able to take down 17.5, and 2WD Mod!! And followed up a 3rd in 4WD.

Huge thanks to my sponsors.

Jason Lam

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Well with the 3rd quarter in the books it was great ! Had lots of fun with the best looking r/c bodies out there and on the best tires available !!!

Met some new people and put on Nor Cal Crawlers 1st TTC ( top truck challenge ) of course it started with the worlds biggest r/c surface event ; Axial Fest !!! What a great event !!!

Shortly after that I got the new Pro-Line Toyota Hilux (awesome body )

I made it to 7 events with some at home local crawling in between

Here’s a brief run down of my 3rd quarter events and some pictures I took or was in ..

Looking forward to the 4th quarter to talk about the new HYRAX 1.9‘s & dual stage foams !!! ( I’m sure I won’t be let down ! )  Read the rest of this entry »

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The Thunder Alley’s Super 7 Series wrapped up on October 15th with the seventh and final race.  I am very pleased with the results, as I was able to win the series with my HB D815-E and a respectable 2nd overall finish in 4WD SCT.

I had already used my two drops so the final race was ultimately a make or break race for the entire series. Due to a volunteering commitment, I arrived late and missed the first heat. To compound arriving late and not logging any practice laps, I was greeted with a new layout as well.  I felt I was in survival mode as I attempted to quickly learn the new layout, I was able to qualify 3rd overall, which was a surprise since I only had two heats to sort things out. Read the rest of this entry »

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Today I gave a presentation, upon a teacher request, to a pre-K class on what police officers do and…………… know, while incorporating  the PRO-2 Short Course Truck into the presentation.

The kids loved it and also made me pictures.  Thank you again for your kind support

Officer Matt Hermsmeier

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R/C Kinetics in Troy, NY put on their second annual Fall Brawl event that returns 1:10 Scale off-road racing back to its roots in a loose dirt outdoor setting.

The track gained a bunch of character over the event but even the biggest holes were no match for my Pro Line Hole Shots.

My Tires gave me the confidence to drive hard and take down TQ and wins in both Mod Buggy classes! 

img_4939b img_4951b

Scott Robert


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On the 16th October 2016 took place a competition at the Indoor circuit IBR of Padova. During the Saturday tests we used the HOLE SHOT M4 and we noted that the machines had a good trim. Sunday the circuit grip was change and we choose the SUBURBS X4 on both machines (nitro and brushless), this choice allow me to arrive at the 1st place with the brushless and at the 5th place of the NITRO F1. Many thanks to PRO-LINE for the excellent products.

Riccardo Pasquetto



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The 1st Round of the new EOS season where held at the famous Nürburgring from 16-18 September. Pro-Line driver Jörn Neumann was able to dominate the Stadium Truck class from the first practice run. His Serpent Truck equipped with Pro-Line’s Bulldog body and Closed Cell Inserts was on rails.

Jörn took 3 out of 4 qualifying Rounds to take the overall TQ for the triple mains.

Jörn continued with his great pace to take the win in the first two A-mains to take the overall victory at the season opener of the 2016/2016 EOS season. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pro-Line Interco TSL SX Super Swamper 2.2″ XL Tires

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Visit the Murf’s IR-CR Facebook Page for more info

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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Today I ran my first practice run, but had some rear diff issues that made my car hard to drive, like when I would get on the throttle it would spin out.

Sunday October 2, 2016

Today I ran my 2nd and 3rd practice run. In my 2nd practice round I broke a front camber link early on. My third practice run my car was really good, I changed shock pistons, fluid and raised the chamber links to help my car go through the ruts. Read the rest of this entry »

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