My son decided to photo bomb me on the podium!!!

On Dec 6 I ran the Toys for Tots race in Flowood, MS at Flowood Indoor RC park. There were 130+ entries. The format was 3 qualifiers of rocket round format. I ran Open Truggy and Buggy. All three qualifiers saw me in a top 3 finish of each class.

Tires that I ran were M3 Blockade on the Truggy for the first two qualifiers and then I switched over to M3 Hole Shots for the 3rd qualifier and Main. On Buggy I ran a variety; M4 LockDown  in the first qualifier and M4 Blockade in the second qualifier. For the Main I went with M4 Holes Shot.

Truggy was a bit of a rough start but ended up with a third place finish and Buggy Main I missed podium by finishing 4th.

Overall a good weekend and thank you Pro-Line for the continued support.

- Clarence Grisham

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Dec 2014

Big Give Wrap Up!

Well this year was an exciting year for the 12 Days of Christmas Big Give!

Pro-Line gave away over $30,000 in prizes and donations.

The donations (*so far) have been:

Teen Challenge: $10,000

The Sheepfold: $7,000

Both Hands: $5,000

Casa Hogar Belen: $1,000

*One donation is still pending winner notification.

Congratulations to all the winners! We couldn’t have done it without everyone’s participation and support! We are looking forward to doing it again next year!

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On December 13th Bumps and Jumps RC held their 10th Annual Christmas Classic with a high speed layout put down by the track crew  and 150+ entries. The racing would be tight all day on the clay track.

Pro-Line driver Jason Mackanick was in attendance running the competitive 4WD Mod SCT class with a Tekno SCT410. I glued up a new set of MC  (Front / Rear) Electrons) and was ready for qualifying.

Rd 1 would have Mackanick setting the early TQ with the only 15 lap run in the class.

Rd 2 would have Mackanick set a faster pace but was bumped down to 2nd qualifier by MIP’s Jack Wicker.

Qualifying 4th overall  on the grid after 3 rounds, the sound of the horn was off and by the fourth corner, Mackanick would move into the 3rd position! He battled with Tekno sponsored driver, JD Blair for most of the race and was able to begin to pull away three quarters of the way through to hang onto the final podium position in 3rd.

The Electron Tires, EVO body, and Secure-Loc Cap Body Mounts were perfect, making the truck extremely stable to drive.

- Jason

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This past weekend I raced at RC Acres Christmas Electric Classic in Hamilton, Ontario. I decided to enter both E-Buggy and 4WD SCT classes.

Practice went well and my SCTE 2.0 was great from the get go with Pro-Line M4 Hole Shot Tires. I struggled a little with my 8ight E 3.0 but eventually got it dialed in by the Mains.

I TQ’d 4WD SCT and finished 2nd overall in the Main after minor mistakes.

My SCTE 2.0 worked great all day and Pro-Line M4 Hole Shot Tires were the ticket!

I bumped out of the B-Main in E-Buggy and in the A-Main made it all the way up to 4th after starting in last position in the A-Main. I eventually ended up 6th overall.  Not a bad day considering this was only the 3rd time racing my 8ight E 3.0 this year. For tires I used Pro-Line X4 Fugitives and settled on Pro-Line M4 Hole Shot 2.0s for the Mains.

Thank you TLR and Pro-Line for your continued support!

Happy Holidays to you and your families and all the best for 2015!

- Chris Capelo

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This weekend was the RC Pro Series finals/Toys for tots race. I ran E-Buggy, E-Truggy, and Nitro Buggy. I was able to TQ E-Buggy, start 2nd in E-Truggy, and start 5th in Nitro Buggy.

I was able to get the win in E-Buggy and E-Truggy after A1 and A2! In Nitro Buggy I finished 4th.

This gave me the overall championship in E-Buggy, E-Truggy, and Nitro Buggy for 2014!

M3 IONs were the Tire to be on in the Mains for Buggy, they made it all the way through the 30-minute Nitro Main! I also used M3 Hole Shots for Truggy!

Thank you for all the help! I am really Excited for 2015 with Pro-Line Racing

Equipment used:
Lightweight Velocity Wheels
M3 VTR Hole Shots
Velocity VTR Wheels
Trifecta Wings
BullDog for the D8T

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Event to be held February 18-22, 2015at Fear Farm R/C Raceway
2209 N. 99th Phoenix, AZ

Joey –
Kenny –

Register by February 10th for your event T-shirt!

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 Rjd finish

Team Driver Alan Bachman takes the TQ and win in Pro SCT Class and backs it up with a second place in 2WD Buggy at the annual Turkey Shootout at RJD Hobbies and Speedway.

The M4 IONs held up all day and provided the traction needed to perform on the track.

My Pro-Line EVO SC Body is the best handling body I have ever had in a Short Course Truck!



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This weekend I had the pleasure of attending Rocck Racing‘s Dash for Cash Race in Knoxville, TN.

It was a chilly 40° with rain and wind to boot Saturday, fortunately the track is covered in a pavilion near the Knoxville zoo.

I ran Non-Payout Nitro Buggy and Payout Nitro Truggy. I qualified second overall in Buggy and missed TQ by a few hundredths of a second. For the 30-minute Main I chose M4 LockDowns, after a few minutes of racing the leader had a problem and I moved into first and never looked back.

As the Main went on my Tires only got better! I went on to win with a lap on the field.

In Truggy I chose M3 Blockades. I was able to qualify third for the 30-minute A-Main. After the initial melee on lap one I found myself in last place. I put my head down and turned some good laps avoiding wrecks and I was able to make my way up to third place and secure it for a podium finish.

Thanks for all the support Pro-Line!

- Chris Gee

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On November 30th RC Excitement held their 10th Annual Gobbler Race, with a fresh layout put down by the track crew at RCE and 140+ entries. The racing was going to be tight all day.

Pro-Line driver Mike Aliberti was in attendance running the always competitive 2WD Mod Buggy class. I glued up a new set of M4  (Front / Rear Electrons and was ready for qualifying.

Rd 1 of Buggy would have Aliberti 2nd overall with a time 3-seconds off the TQ pace finishing with 17 laps and a 5:09.

Rd 2 would have Aliberti taking the overall TQ and finishing 17 laps/5:00 just missing an 18 lap run.

The Main was here and the cars sitting on the grid, sound of the horn and Aliberti would take a wire to wire win!

The Electron Tires were perfect with the right amount of rear traction and the right amount of steering.

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This weekend at TOYS for TOTS at Palm Desert RC Raceway, I took 1st place in Intermediate 1:8 Buggy using my X4 Hole Shots 2.0  and 2nd place 40+ 1:8 Buggy using my X3 Hole Shots 2.0′s….


Thanks to Pro-Line for an Awesome weekend.

- Ryan Hernandez

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