Wedge T 2.2" Z3 (Medium Carpet) Off-Road Carpet Truck Front Tires

for 2.2" Front Stadium Truck Wheels

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This is a pair of Wedge T Front Carpet Tires. Pro-Line is ready to bring the popular Wedge tread pattern to the Stadium Truck class! The Wedge T is perfect for the front of your Carpet 2WD Stadium Truck and provides just the perfect amount of steering you need without being too aggressive. The Hook shaped pins of the Wedge provide all the steering you can handle without being grabby. Pro-Lines Z compounds provide unparalleled grip on a variety of surfaces used for indoor non-dirt racing (carpet, wood, cardboard, plastic, etc.) while still being long-lasting. Be on the cutting edge of carpet tire technology with Pro-Line’s new Wedge Front Tires for your Stadium Truck!

8263-103 | Wedge T 2.2" Z3 (Medium Carpet) Off-Road Carpet Truck Front Tires


Download Tire Compound ChartTire Compound Colored Dot Chart
Height:   4.04" (103mm)
Width:   2.08" (53mm)

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