Wedge LP 2.2" 4WD Off-Road Carpet Buggy Front Tires

for 2.2" 1:10 4WD Front Buggy Wheels

  • 8279

This is a pair of Wedge LP Buggy 4WD Front Carpet Tires. Pro-Line now offers the popular Wedge tread pattern in a Low-Profile 4WD Front tire! The Hook shaped pins of the Wedge 4WD Front provide the steering you need without being too grabby and the lower profile tire shape provides better corner speed and faster lap times. The Wedge LP 4WD Front is also more user-friendly because it doesn't require any hand trimming of pins for optimum performance. The overall size of the low-profile 4WD Front Wedge is a better match to Pro-Line's new low-profile Prism 2.0 and Pyramid rear tires so you don't have to worry about unequal tire runout front to rear. Don't get Rug-Burned by using the wrong Carpet tire; Get Pro-Line's LP Wedge 4WD Fronts today! 

Please note: All tires & wheels are sold in pairs, unless otherwise noted.


8279-103 | Wedge LP 2.2" 4WD Z3 (Medium Carpet) Off-Road Carpet Buggy Front Tires (2)
8279-104 | Wedge LP 2.2" 4WD Z4 (Soft Carpet) Off-Road Carpet Buggy Front Tires (2)

Download Tire Compound ChartTire Compound Colored Dot Chart
Height:   3.15" (80mm)
Width:   1.12" (28mm)

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