Prime SC 2.2"/3.0" M4 (Super Soft) Tires

for SC Trucks and SC Buggies Front or Rear
Pro-Line Prime SC 2.2"/3.0" M4 (Super Soft) Tires - 10113-03
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This is a pair of Prime SC Tires. Many indoor off-road race tracks have turned to carpet or pure clay style dirt in search of ultimate traction, eliminating the need for traditional treaded tires. Pro-Line’s all new Prime tires are targeted directly at racers currently running full “slick” tires, saving them from having to grind treaded tires down while delivering improved performance.

Pro-Line’s Prime tires feature unique grooves that add traction and stability when the track is freshly watered or when there is a slight layer of thin dust that would cause a traditional “slick” tire to spin. The raised treaded portion of the Prime tire has a distinctive rough surface texture similar to a ground “slick” tire and makes the Prime tire have the maximum performance right out of the package.

Don’t settle for anything less than Prime Performance with Pro-Line’s new Prime tire for Short Course Trucks!


Please note: All tires & wheels are sold in pairs, unless otherwise noted.

10113-03 | Prime SC 2.2”/3.0” Tires for Short Course Trucks

  • 2.2"/3.0" Short Course Front or Rear Wheels

Tire Compound Colored Dot Chart
Height:   4.10" (104mm)
Width:   1.81" (46mm)


Product Reviews

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Reviewed by FOSTBITTEN
04/22/2015 - 03:24:33 AM
Super sticky
This compound is really sticky kinda like those whacky wall crawler toys. They are so sticky they can be hard to get out of the bag. Plus when clean they really p/u all kinds of lint & debris. Just clean them with the green cleaner.

So at the carpet track I was worried about them just getting too dirty to be any good. But, they worked great. I went through 3 packs. I did not clean them much in between because it seemed it didnt matter. How clean or dirty they look they just made my truck they just kept going. The grip was great but, not so much that they traction roll. I really had to try to get the truck to roll.

Anxious to try them this summer on a hot blue grooved outdoor track. Late in the day. I think they will work great. Maybe in clay compound though.
Reviewed by FOSTBITTEN
04/22/2015 - 01:14:16 PM
Finally a carpet
Tire that my SC10 & I can agree on! Soft springs and low is the way to go. Great forward bite and just enough slide to keep from traction rolling! Much better than my homemade slicks.