Invader Off-Road 1:8 Buggy Tires Mounted

for Front or Rear, Mounted on Velocity White Wheels

  • 9066M

This is a pair of Invader 1:8 Buggy Tires. The all-new Pro-Line Invader tire is the next step forward in extreme wear while still providing the fast lap performance you need. The unique interlocking cross-shaped Invader pins down the center of the tire delivers the hour-long A-Main tread life racers desire, while the small, flexible pins on the side provide incredible grip on a variety of surfaces. The Invader tire feels super smooth and accelerates and brakes incredibly straight giving you an advantage in close racing conditions.

Pro-Line makes using performance tires easier than ever by offering the Invader tires mounted on Velocity Wheels. Pro-Line lives and breathes the philosophy of Racing to Bring you the Best and that is exactly what the Velocity 1:8 Buggy wheel represents.

Be the first at your track to outlast the competition with Pro-Line's new Premounted Invader tires. Get yours today!

Please note: All tires & wheels are sold in pairs, unless otherwise noted

9066-32 | Invader M3 (Soft) Off-Road 1:8 Buggy Tires Mounted on White Wheels (2) for Front or Rear
9066-233 | Invader S3 (Soft) Off-Road 1:8 Buggy Tires Mounted on White Wheels (2) for Front or Rear

Tire Features:

  • Next Step Forward in Ultimate Long Wear Tread Life
  • Long Lasting and Still Provides Fast Lap Performance
  • Unique Combination of Pin Shapes Achieve the Best of Both Worlds
  • Big Pins in the Center Give the Tire Long Life
  • Small Pins on the Side Provide the Grip
  • Steady Consistent Handling Gives you an Advantage
  • Tire Also Available Separately

Wheel Features:

Download Tire Compound ChartTire Compound Colored Dot Chart
Height:   4.36" (111mm)
Width:   1.68" (43mm)