Fugitive Lite Off-Road 1:8 Buggy Tires

for Front or Rear

  • 9058

This is a pair of Fugitive Lite 1:8 Buggy Race Tires. Pro-Line is putting the competition on the Run with the all-new Fugitive Lite race tire! The Fugitive Lite is the little brother to the World Championship winning Fugitive tire with a very similar tread layout but with significantly smaller pins. The smaller pins results in a lighter weight tire that accelerates and brakes quicker while still maintaining the great wear characteristics that made the Fugitive so famous.

Before the Fugitive came along, the prevailing knowledge for creating a new tire that lasted throughout the long A-Mains in extreme wear conditions was to design a big and tall tire tread that was spaced out. While this was effective for the day, the tall and stiff tread numbed out the handling and didn't have the speed of the smaller pin race tires.

Pro-Line's new Fugitive Lite tire sets the standard for wear and performance with a whole new design philosophy - small, tightly packed pins that can handle the abuse of today's race tracks. When combined with Pro-Line's incredible X-Compounds, the Fugitive easily has the best performance to cost ratio of any Pro-Line tire making it perfect for many European style tracks.

Be the first one outrunning the competition with the Fugitive Lite!

Lab Certified Select Compounds
  • Latest and greatest ultra long lasting compound
  • Substantial leap forward in terms of grip in dry and slick conditions
  • Stays stable throughout long main events and does not fade or get soft near the end of a race
  • Lab tested batches guarantee performances
  • Longest wearing performance compound on the market
  • Maintains stability in High-Speed/High-Heat conditions
  • Minimal tire growth maintains low CG in corners
  • Lab tested batches guarantee performance
  • Most imitated compound on the market
  • High wear on dry surfaces
  • Maximum compound grip on low bite surfaces
  • Compliant carcass produces traction with controlled expansion
  • Medium wear on wet surfaces

  • MC:
  • Minimal tread flex for unmatched mechanical grip on clay
  • Minimal carcass flex while cornering
  • Low wear on clay surfaces
Download Tire Compound Chart
Download the full tire compound chart

Please note: All tires & wheels are sold in pairs, unless otherwise noted.

9058-02 | Fugitive Lite M3 (Soft) 1:8 Buggy Race Tires
9058-03 | Fugitive Lite M4 (Super Soft) 1:8 Buggy Race Tires
9058-002 | Fugitive Lite X2 (Medium) 1:8 Buggy Race Tires
9058-003 | Fugitive Lite X3 (Soft) 1:8 Buggy Race Tires
9058-202 | Fugitive Lite S2 (Medium) 1:8 Buggy Race Tires
9058-203 | Fugitive Lite S3 (Soft) 1:8 Buggy Race Tires

  • 1:8 Buggy Wheels Front or Rear

Download Tire Compound ChartTire Compound Colored Dot Chart
Height:   4.35" (111mm)
Width:   1.65" (42mm)

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