Pro-Line PRO-2 Performance 1:10 Short Course Truck Kit

2WD 1:10 Short Course Truck Kit
Pro-Line Pro-Line PRO-2 Performance 1:10 Short Course Truck Kit - 4001-00
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This is a PRO-2 Performance 1:10 2WD Short Course Truck Kit. Durable. Proven. Performance. The PRO-2 SC is one of Pro-Line’s most refined products ever produced through the course of our 30-year History. We combined our highest quality and best performing accessories into one box to create the ultimate Go Anywhere – Do Anything Short Course Truck. The PRO-2 SC has race-bred DNA that will perform at the track and proven Pro-Line durability that will withstand the toughest backyard bashing. Just ask Big Squid RC… They ran the PRO-2 SC into a wall at full speed several times and even shot baskets with it! The PRO-2 SC includes major components that are made in-house at Pro-Line in the USA!

The PRO-2 SC comes as a kit allowing you the opportunity to build the truck yourself by following the included color Instruction Manual. Also the largest and most complicated parts of the PRO-2 SC are pre-built for you, allowing you to enjoy the truck even faster. This truck kit is perfect for the first time kit builder ready to graduate up from the Ready-to-Run vehicles. The PRO-2 SC kit does not include any electronics, paint or the tools required to build and run truck.

The PRO-2 SC truck is made entirely of parts that were only previously available as high-performance upgrades – a true one of a kind:

Performance LCG Chassis
Durability meets Performance with Pro-Line’s PRO-2 Performance Chassis. The 3mm thick Hard Anodized 7075-T6 Aluminum Chassis extends the full length of the Truck for maximum durability and keeps everything in-line and extremely low for optimum performance. Aluminum Servo Mounts and Steering Posts add even more strength to the chassis structure. The chassis features functional and removable side bumpers in a shape inspired by Jet Fighter wings that finishes off the futuristic look of the PRO-2 Performance Chassis. The PRO-2 Chassis is pre-built from the Factory for faster assembly time.

Performance Transmission
The Transmission is the Heart of any vehicle and the PRO-2’s heart has been Proven. The Performance Transmission is a popular upgrade for many other vehicles and has now found a permanent home in the PRO-2 SC. The Oil-filled, tunable Differential coupled with the Steel Top Shaft, Idler Gear and Internal Diff Gears define what the PRO-2 SC is: Durable. Proven. Performance. The Transmission features a race-inspired slipper system with vented discs that puts the power down consistently and a 3mm thick Aluminum Motor Plate for maximum motor cooling. The PRO-2 Transmission is pre-built from the Factory and already installed to the LCG Chassis.

PowerStroke Shocks
The PowerStroke Shocks utilize dual-rate spring technology just like the big boys. The bodies are threaded for precision ride height adjustment and are finished with a high performance coating for great performance and appearance. This is one of the #1 most popular performance upgrades that Pro-Line has ever produced and it comes as standard equipment with the PRO-2 SC. Shocks take a constant beating no matter what track or terrain you are running on and you just can’t go wrong with Pro-Line’s PowerStroke Shocks! The PowerStroke Shocks are pre-built from the Factory. Just add oil!

ProTrac Suspension
A Performance revolution started in the RC industry when Pro-Line introduced the Original ProTrac Suspension upgrade kit. The long front and rear arm suspension design improves suspension smoothness for unmatched rough track handling while using negative offset wheels to reduce scrub radius and for precision cornering. But performance isn’t solely about faster lap times, it also means durability and that’s what the ProTrac Suspension parts are all about. The PRO-2 SC arms are extra beefy to handle the worst punishment imaginable and they keep coming back for more. Pro-Line’s ProTrac suspension parts are proudly Made in the USA.

Blockade SC Tires / F-11 Wheels
Pro-Line knows tires and we included the Best of the Best with the PRO-2 SC. The National Championship Winning Blockade tread combined with the super traction of our Soft M3 compound provides performance on any terrain. The Blockade SC tires are pre-mounted on Black F-11 wheels for added style. Pro-Line’s Blockade tires and F-11 wheels are proudly Made in the USA.

Flo-Tek Clear Body
Pro-Line also knows bodies and we included the most popular SC body with the PRO-2 SC: the Flo-Tek! The Flo-Tek was the first SC body specifically designed to minimize the short-course body parachute effect! If you have ever raced or bashed a short-course truck, you know that SC bodies act like parachutes when going over jumps, causing you to lose control and crash. Pro-Line's Flo-Tek SC body features futuristic styling coupled with large vent holes that allow air to flow through eliminating aerodynamic drag. Like several parts on the PRO-2 SC truck, Pro-Line’s Flo-Tek body is proudly Made in the USA.

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Please note: All bodies are sold in crystal clear lexan and are painted for advertising purposes only.
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4001-00 | Pro-Line PRO-2 Performance 1:10 Short Course Truck Kit

Length: 22.0" (559mm)
Width: 11.6" (295mm)
Wheel Base: 13.9" (335mm)
Weight: 3.64lbs. (965g)

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Reviewed by mmpeters21
09/23/2013 - 02:48:42 PM
Bought it, Built it, raced it, fell in love with it. installed a castle creations sct
combo 3800kv with two cell lipo, savox servo 1258tg, spektrum 3 dsm channel receiver with capacitor (A Must). The truck is smooth and will need to be dialed in to your track, with ride height adjustments, cause its also a well built basher, which it great cause I'm tired of all my trucks breaking. I have huge jumps at my local track and this trucks takes it!!. Cant wait to see whats next from Proline. I'm sure this is just the beginning.
Reviewed by JakeFenn
06/20/2014 - 09:05:06 PM
I recived this Pro-2 and it looked like it was pretty easy to assemble. It was quite easy and took me about 3 hours to complete (including painting). I had already planned on going to the track the next day. I arrived at the track and took a few laps with the truck. The steering was very poor and the front tires would just slide. I fixed this by adding some weights to the front and now it turns like my buggy. One thing to do when building is to rebuild the diff. These sit on shelves for months and all of the oil leaks out. Pro-Line supplies you with some extra oil. If you are driving on a clay indoor track some Pro-Line ION-SC's are a must have. Overall, being a Pro-Line team driver, this truck is worth all $380. Highly recommend. Good job Pro-Line. Maybe a 1/10 buggy next.
Reviewed by Rageracer
01/10/2014 - 04:43:57 PM
Not completely Durable. It's Proven itself To me. And Great Performance.
I've got this truck for Christmas and I absolutely Love it. I entered TISOC 2013 and Won the Class with the Pro-2. All I ever drive was a Traxxas LCG Slash. And I'm impressed how it handled. Handles the corners like a champ. The hub carriers and Castor blocks aren't the strong things in the world. I've bent the Castor Blocks and I have a few friends that broke the rear hub carriers. And also. My diff was lose due to all the Fluid leaking out. The preassembled diff had the screws at least haif screwed in. But I'm glad it came with extra diff oil . So technically you still need to build the diff.