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Pro-Spec Shock Kit (Rear)

for 1:10 Buggy Rear

  • SKU: 6267-01
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  • List Price: $64.95
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This is a Pro-Spec Shock Kit for 1:10 buggy Rear. The next generation of Pro-Line Shock Technology has arrived: Pro-Line Pro-Spec Shocks for 1:10 Buggies! Every last detail has been refined to give you the best performing and best looking Shocks ever made. The Pro-Spec Shocks are a 12mm Big Bore design with a Single Low Friction X-Ring Seal. The Pistons and Shaft Guides are made from Silky Smooth White Delrin for Low Stiction and the 3.5mm thick Shock Shaft is Hard Chrome Coated, just like full scale racing shocks.
The Pro-Spec Shocks feature an easy access Bleeder Cap Screw for consistent shock builds every time. Each pair of Pro-Spec Shocks includes 3 different piston options (1.4, 1.6 & 1.8) and a blank piston for drilling to a custom size. Custom Shock Tightening Tools and optional shock limiters are also included. Pro-Line’s new Pro-Spec Shocks come in kit form with build instructions, so you can build the shocks exactly how you want. Your current 12mm big bore buggy springs bolt right up so you can get exactly the spring rate you are used to. Upper and lower shock pivot balls are included so you can fit a wider range of vehicles right out of the box. Optional +2, +4 and +6mm spring perches are included to fit a wide variety of buggies and shock springs.
Experience the Performance of Pro-Line’s Next Generation Shock Technology for yourself - Get Pro-Spec Shocks!

*Stroke, Extended and Collapsed Lengths are adjustable with the included Limiters
*Buggy Springs Not Included* - Use any 12mm Big Bore Buggy Spring


6267-01 | Pro-Spec Shock Kit for 1:10 buggy Rear


  • Smoothest Shocks Pro-Line has ever made
  • 12mm Big Bore Technology
  • Single Low Friction X-Ring Seal
  • Silky Smooth White Delrin Shaft Guides and Pistons
  • Easy Access Bleeder Cap Screw
  • Hard Chrome Coated 3.5mm Shock Shaft
  • Optional Pistons and Limiters Included
  • Use any 12mm Big Bore Buggy Springs
  • Pair with the Pro-Spec Front Shocks
  • Instructions


*Buggy Springs Not Included* - Use any 12mm Big Bore Buggy Spring


  • 6267-04 1:10 Buggy Pro-Spec Rear Shock Shaft Set
  • 6267-05 1:10 Buggy Pro-Spec Rear Shock Body Set
  • 6267-06 Pro-Spec Shock Optional Spring Retainer Pack
  • 6308-02 Pro-Spec Delrin Piston & Guide Tree
  • 6308-03 Pro-Spec Plastic Tree
  • 6308-04 Pro-Spec Shock O-Rings
  • 6308-05 Pro-Spec Shock Hardware
  • 6308-06 Pro-Spec Shock Cartridges


  • Associated B5 & B5m
  • Associated B44.3 *Unscrew front shock eyelets 3 turns to get stock front length
  • Kyosho RB6
  • Kyosho ZX-6 *Limit the front shock droop 1mm and Unscrew rear eyelet 1 turn for stock length
  • TLR 22 2.0 *Use stock 22 2.0 shock balls in the Front Shocks and Unscrew Front and Rear eyelet 3 turns for stock length
  • TLR 22-4 *Use #6308-01 shocks in the Rear with 2mm of limiters to get stock rear shock lengths and use stock 22-4 shock balls in the Rear Shocks
  • Yokomo B-Max 2 *Unscrew rear shock eyelets 2 turns to get stock rear length
  • Yokomo B-Max 4


FRONT 1:10 Buggy Pro-Spec Shock (#6267-00) Specs:

Stroke   20.5mm
Extended Length   76.5mm
Collapsed Length   56mm
Weight   13.3g

REAR 1:10 Buggy Pro-Spec Shock (#6267-01) Specs :

Stroke   27mm
Extended Length   91mm
Collapsed Length   64mm
Weight   18.0g

  • Length Measured Eyelet center to center
  • Stroke, Extended and Collapsed Lengths are adjustable with the included Limiters
  • Buggy Springs Not Included - Use any 12mm Big Bore Buggy Spring

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