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Pro-Spec Delrin Piston Replacement Tree

for All Pro-Spec Shocks (6308 and 6267)

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This is a Pro-Spec Shock Delrin Replacement Tree. The next generation of Pro-Line Shock Technology has arrived: Pro-Line Pro-Spec Shocks! Every last detail has been refined to give you the best performing and best looking Shocks ever made.

The replacement pistons will work with the Front and Rear Pro-Spec Shocks and includes one pair of each different piston options (1.4, 1.6 & 1.8) and a blank piston for drilling to a custom size. This way you can completely customize the flow of oil through your shocks. The replacement piston pack also included is a pair of upper and lower shaft guides. The Pistons and Shaft Guides are made from Silky Smooth White Delrin for Low Stiction.

Experience the Performance of Pro-Line’s Next Generation Shock Technology for yourself - Get Pro-Spec Shocks!

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Radio Controlled Car Action - Test Bench: Pro-Spec Shocks

I replaced the shocks on my Pro-Line PRO-2 with the Pro-Specs to test them out at our local track and found them to be more consistent and stable. Through bumpy sections of the track, the Pro-Specs were responsive and provided consistent traction throughout the course. The most important difference in these shocks is their consistency. Throughout an entire evening of racing, the Pro-Spec shocks operated smoothly as expected lap after lap. The Pro-Spec shock kit may be one of the more expensive options on the market, but only by a small amount, and for the attention to detail, added performance, and durability, they’re worth the price! With unique features that change the game, the Pro-Spec kit alongside the PRO-2 SCT is an exciting next step in the evolution of Pro-Line’s race program -Erich Reichert


6308-02 | Pro-Spec Delrin Piston Replacement Tree


  • Pro-Spec Shock Delrin Replacement Tree for the 6308-00 and 6308-01


  • Pro-Spec Shocks Front #6308-00
  • Pro-Spec Shocks Rear #6308-01

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