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Replacement Pivot Ball Hardware and Shock Pistons

for PRO-MT 4x4 and PRO-Fusion SC 4x4

  • SKU: 4005-07
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This is PRO-MT 4x4 Replacement Pivot Ball Hardware. Do you need to replace your PRO-MT 4x4 Pivot Balls or Pivot Hardware? Then you came to the right place! This includes the same Hardened Steel Pivot Balls, Aluminum Pivot Set Screws and Delrin plastic parts that devour hits from all angels and that come standard on the PRO-MT 4x4.

4005-07 | PRO-MT 4x4 Replacement Pivot Ball Hardware and Shock Pistons

  • Includes Hardened Steel Pivot Balls & Aluminum Pivot Set Screws
  • Pivot Ball Inserts and Pistons Made from High Quality Low Friction White Delrin
  • Designed to devour hits from all Angles

  • PRO-MT 4x4 Hardened Steel Pivot Balls (2 pcs)
  • PRO-MT 4x4 Aluminum Pivot Set Screws (2 pcs)
  • PRO-MT 4x4 Delrin Pistons & Pivot Inserts Plastic Tree

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