Pro-Line Transmission Bearings Replacement Kit

for Pro-Line PRO-2 SC and Performance Transmission 6092-00

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This is a pack of Replacement Ball Bearings for Pro-Line’s Performance Transmission (#6092-00).

This is also a stock replacement for the Transmission Ball Bearings that are included with the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC truck kit.

Check out the Performance Transmission featured in the PRO-2 SC Truck Exploded view HERE and the additional Assembly Exploded viewHERE


6092-11 | Pro-Line Transmission Bearings Replacement Kit


  • 11mm x 5mm x 4mm Bearing (4 pcs)
  • 16mm x 10mm x 5mm Bearing (2 pcs)


  • Pro-Line's Performance Transmission (#6092-00)
  • Pro-Line PRO-2 SC