Pro-Line PRO-2 Performance Buggy Conversion Kit

for PRO-2 SC and Slash 2wd Outfitted with 6093-00 (PRO-2 LCG Performance Chassis), 6092-00 (Performance Transmission) and 6062-04 (ProTrac Rear Shock Tower)
Pro-Line Pro-Line PRO-2 Performance Buggy Conversion Kit - 6254-00
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This is a Pro-Line PRO-2 Performance Buggy Conversion Kit. Pro-Line now has the Ultimate Accessory for your PRO-2 SC Truck that allows you to convert from a Truck to a Buggy! This PRO-2 Buggy Conversion Kit will give you 2 distinct vehicles that can be converted back and forth all on the same platform. The PRO-2 Buggy is styled after a single seat Class 1 Desert Buggy for a tough Off-Road look unique to the Short Course Buggy class. Pro-Line added many scale details to the PRO-2 Buggy to please even the most die-hard scale builder.

The interior of the buggy has polycarbonate dash complete with steering wheel and driver detail. A separate hard plastic Helmet finishes off the look and can be painted any color or scheme that you want. The molded plastic window nets have realistic weave detail and won’t pull out like the rubber style window nets found on other kits. The biggest feature on the PRO-2 Buggy is that the whole cage comes off in one single piece, including the rear engine covers. This makes Pro-Line’s Buggy Conversion the easiest SC Buggy to work on ever made. The cage is held on using Pro-Line’s Secure-Loc Cap system, so there is no need to mess around with body clips. The Front Bumper on the PRO-2 Buggy is a realistic tube style bumper with an innovative crush zone design that absorbs impacts and does not transfer the forces to the Shock Tower. The Front Bumper Hoop actually mounts through the Front Shock Tower thus eliminating the possibility of warping the Shock Tower during front impacts. The PRO-2 Buggy Conversion also includes optional add-ons to mount a 1:10 Buggy Wing on the back for racing applications and 6 of Pro-Line’s Light Buckets if you purchase 6085-00 separately.

If you have a PRO-2 Short Course Truck or a Pro-Line upgraded Slash Outfitted with 6093-00 (PRO-2 LCG Performance Chassis), 6092-00 (Performance Transmission) and 6062-04 (ProTrac Rear Shock Tower) then you NEED this PRO-2 Buggy Conversion!

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Please note: All bodies are sold in crystal clear lexan and are painted for advertising purposes only.
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6254-00 | Pro-Line PRO-2 Performance Buggy Conversion Kit

  • Realistic Desert Style Buggy Appearance and Performance
  • Convert your SC Truck to a Buggy and back again as much as you want
  • Continues Pro-Line’s Legendary PRO-2 Durability Heritage
  • Scale Interior and driver figure for realistic Buggy Action
  • Optional 1:10 Buggy Wing Mount Included for Racing Applications
  • Add Pro-Line’s 6085-00 Light Buckets (sold separately) for Maximum Scale Appearance
  • Shock Absorbing Front Bumper Design
  • Whole Cage removes in a Single Piece
  • Cage Held on with 2 Secure-Loc Caps
  • Buggy Body #3407-00 also sold separately
  • 6254-01 Cage, Roof and Front Shock Tower Plastics and Hardware Bag
  • 6254-02 Rear Engine Cover Plastics, Cage Mounts, Helmet and Hardware Bag
  • 6254-03 Front and Rear Bumper Plastics, Light Mounts and Hardware Bag
  • 3407-00 PRO-2 Buggy Clear Body
  • PRO-2 Buggy Conversion Assembly Instructions

Download Full Buggy Kit Assembly Instructions
*As Reference Only* Not Included with Purchase.

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