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Pro-Line Racing X Lab Certified Select Compounds

Why X?
( X = Extreme Performance )

Pro-Line strives to stay on the leading edge of race tire technology and the 2012 1:8 Nitro Off-Road World Championships in Argentina provided the opportunity to prove that once again. The "Speed Paradise" track in Argentina is a challenging European-Style (High-Speed, abrasive and bumpy) track that tests the limits of rubber technology requiring a new approach to rubber compounds beyond the normal M-Series of compounds that Pro-Line is known for.

The X Compound Introduced
Pro-Line's field of World Championship level drivers spent months at the track testing and working with Pro-Line engineers to develop an all-new line of Race Tire Compounds specifically suited to High-Speed European-Style tracks. The improved mechanical properties of the X Compound provides unmatched stability and traction at high-speed while also enhancing the wear characteristics of the Tires. Similar to Pro-Line's M-Series compounds, the new X Compound is available in different hardness levels to suit your current track conditions: X1 (Firm), X2 (Medium), X3 (Soft) and X4 (Super Soft).

"Pro-Line tires always give me the grip I need no matter what the surface, but the X compound takes it a step further by extending the life of the tire without sacrificing the grip."
- Ty Tessmann
"I'm delighted with my national title. It's been a long time since I last won a BRCA championship and I must admit it feels weird. It came down to the wire but I managed to get the job done. Thank you Pro-Line for all the support and development over the past year. It's made a huge difference on our tracks having the X compounds. Keep up the good work"
- Craig Drescher
"I used M3 Blockades in qualifying and X3 Blockades in the 45 minute main. I still had 15-20% of tread left on a dry track and my lap times stayed consistent throughout the entire 45 minute final. I am very impressed with the wear characteristics of the X3 compound."
- Marty Korn
" At this year's Neo race we saw the introduction of the new X4 compound and the team drivers, including myself loved it! We ran the tyre in holeshot, square fuzzies and also suburbs. This could be the new go to tyre for low traction tracks! "
- Lee Martin
"On the electric car we ran Holeshot X4, on the nitro we ran X4 suburbs, all drivers ran the X4 compound, we were having to share between 5 drivers as Cody had none, so we had be careful on how we used and managed the tyres, the suburbs ran for nearly a hour, but were still real good, its a great compound, are you going to do this is Blockade etc, as this is going to be the way forward on a lot of our tracks over the next few months, Blockade and bowtie x4 would be great for the next national at Slough"
- Chris Boots