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Pro-Line Ambush 4x4 1:25 Electric Mini Scale Crawler RTR

4x4 1:25 Electric Mini Scale Crawler (Ready-to-Run)

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This is a Pro-Line Ambush 4x4 1:25 Electric Mini Scale Crawler RTR. Are you ready for Big Adventure in Small Scale? Introducing the Ambush 4x4 Mini Scale Crawler RTR designed to bring Scale Adventure to your living room, desk, backyard, or anywhere your imagination takes you! The Ambush features Full-Time 4 Wheel Drive with Solid Axles and True Leaf Spring Suspension that will help you tackle even the toughest climb. The included 2.4 GHz Transmitter has an on-the-fly Speed Selector so you can go Slow and Do it Scale or go Fast and have Fun! The included 7.4V Hard Case Lithium-Ion battery has 350mAh capacity for tons of runtime and is easily recharged with the included USB charger. Get your own Pro-Line Ambush 4x4 1:25 Electric Mini Scale Crawler RTR today and make sure to check out more detailed features below.

Live the Adventure. Conquer the Terrain. Do it Scale.

Ladder Frame Chassis:
The Ambush Mini Crawler comes stock with a 3mm thick Steel Ladder Frame that forms a Solid Base for the Transmission and Suspension. The Steel Frame Plates are Black Oxide Coated for long lasting protection against the elements. The Frame is capped off on each end with sleek plastic chassis mounted bumpers that protect the body without getting in the way of obstacles on the trail.

Leaf Spring Suspension:
Similar to many full-size Crawlers, the Ambush Mini Crawler has a Steel Leaf Spring Suspension connected to Front and Rear Solid Axles. Each corner has a 3-Leaf pack with working shackles and attaches to plastic friction shocks that limit down travel. The Scale Solid Axles provide Full-Time 4wd for maximum Traction and Crawling Performance!

Take Control:
Control the Ambush Mini Crawler just like your high-end 1:10 Crawler with full proportional control from the included 2.4GHz Transmitter and mini-electronics. The Micro Torque brushed Motor provides all the power you need to Conquer the Terrain and the G9000 Micro Servo gives you plenty of steering power. The integrated ESC/Receiver includes an open 3rd Channel Port allowing for unique customization or future 3rd Channel Option Parts!

Body and Interior:
The Ambush Mini Crawler is topped off with the Open Roll Cage Ambush Trail Rig Body that takes inspiration from one of Pro-Line’s first Rock Crawling Bodies ever made and includes a highly detailed Interior and Driver Figure for added Scale Realism. Pro-Line includes an optional Sticker Sheet in Orange or Green Color Scheme so you can Customize your Rig right out of the Box!

Mini Flat Iron Tires & Denali Wheels:
Pro-Line had to include the Best Performing and Best Looking Wheels and Tires with Ambush Mini Crawler; Genuine Pro-Line Mini Flat Iron Tires and Denali Wheels! Just like their bigger 1.9” and 2.2” siblings, the Mini Flat Iron Tires provide Incredible Traction on any terrain while maintaining a Scale Appearance. The Mini Denali Wheels are Black and include a Gray Plastic faux Bead-Loc for incredible Scale Detail.


4004-00 | Pro-Line Ambush 4x4 1:25 Electric Mini Scale Crawler RTR

  • Big Adventure in Small Scale
  • Tackle the Toughest Climb with Full-Time 4 Wheel Drive with Solid Axles
  • Go Slow and Do it Scale or go Fast and have Fun with On the Fly Speed Selector Capability
  • Charge Anywhere with Easy to Use USB Charger
  • Long Lasting Protection with Black Oxide Coating on the Steel Frame Plates
  • Bumpers Protect the Body Without Getting in the Way
  • Maximum Traction and Crawling Performance with Steel Leaf Spring Suspension
  • Scale Realism with Open Roll Cage Ambush Trail Rig Body and Driver
  • Customizable Color Options with 3 Colors to Choose From (Blue is applied to the body from the factory, Orange and Green Decal Sheets Included)
  • Incredible Traction with Scale Appearance Mini Flat Iron Tires and Denali Wheels
  • Unique Customization Opportunities with ESC/Receiver Open 3rd Channel Port

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  • Pro-Line Ambush 4x4 1:25 Electric Mini Scale Crawler RTR
  • 2.4GHz Pistol Grip Transmitter
  • USB Li-Ion Charger
  • 350mAh Li-Ion Battery
  • ESC / 2.4GHz Receiver Combo
  • AA Batteries for Transmitter
  • Ambush body with Optional Orange and Green Color Decal Sheet ( Blue graphics are applied )
  • Mini Flat Iron Tires with Denali Wheels
  • T-Handle Wrench

Length:   7.8" (198mm)
Width:   3.75" (95mm)
Wheel Base:   4.52" (115mm)
Weight:   0.68lbs. (308g)

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Additional Notes:

The esc/receiver and the servo are not waterproof but they can handle a bit of splashing.

Any part with a manufacturing defect will of course be replaced by Pro-Line. Key parts will be available through distributors and all other parts will be available directly from Pro-Line.

The transmission has a gear ratio of 13.42:1 and the axles are 8:1 for a final ratio of 107.37:1

The pinion, spur, and the transmission gears are .3 module

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