2.2" Pre-glued 2-Stage Truck Inserts

for 1:10 Truck 2.2" Front or Rear Tires

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This is a pair of 1:10 Truck 2.2" Pre-glued 2-Stage Truck Inserts. Going racing just got easier as Pro-Line, the innovator of multi-stage foam inserts for off-road truck and buggy racing, now offers two-stage foam pre-glued.

Convenience is key when purchasing the pre-glued foam inserts. No more running to the hardware store for messy, expensive contact adhesives. You can now pull Pro-Line's pre-glued two-stage inserts straight from the package ready to run, leaving more time for suspension and chassis set-up.

When racing on high-bite, blue-groove conditions, minimal sidewall deflection is required without sacrificing traction. In cases such as this, pre-glued two-stage inserts are the way to go. In fact, Team Pro-Line has used the Pre-glued Two-stage Foam Inserts exclusively when competing at the 2003 Cactus Classic and Silver State Nitro Challenge races. They dominated the 4wd Modified class at the Cactus Classic by setting TQ and finishing first on the podium, and finished 1st and 2nd in the 1:10 Gas Truck class at the Silver State Nitro Challenge. Pre-glued and ready to run the newly revised two-stage foam inserts from Pro-Line.


Please note: All tires & wheels are sold in pairs, unless otherwise noted.

6194-00 | 2.2" Pre-glued 2-Stage Truck Inserts

  • Gray high-density inner insert / white traction enhancing outer insert
  • Pre-glued convenience equals more time for chassis and suspension set-up
  • No more sticky fingers
  • Proven performance at Regional events

  • 2.2" Pre-glued 2-Stage Truck Inserts (2 pcs)