History Of Pro-Line Racing

In 1982, Pro-Line was started in Beaumont, California to provide the radio control (R/C) car enthusiast (our consumer) with a quality line of aftermarket performance accessories at an affordable price. Today, Pro-Line is one of the most respected and successful 1:10 scale R/C car, tire wheel, and accessory manufacturers in the industry. Pro-Line established a reputation for quality and performance in all three areas of the accessory market: tires, wheels, and bodies. In 1992, Pro-Line's off-road tires dominated the racing scene by capturing seven off-road National Championships.

In 1993, Pro-Line's domination continued at the IFMAR World Champion-ships by sweeping both the 2WD and the 4WD classes in Basildon, England, Pro-Line's second and third World Championship titles. Two years later, in 1995, Pro-Line won it's fourth and fifth IFMAR World Championships at the Yabate Arena in Japan.

In 1995 Pro-Line purchased PROTOform Race Bodies, partnering with founder Dale Epp to expand the body market share and solidify Pro-Line's leadership position as an accessory manufacturer. Dale Epp has stayed in partnership with the Pro-Line team to create the best body accessory company in the industry. Dale's attention to detail and mold preparation combined with advanced vacuum-forming processes, meticulous decals, and window masks have created industry leading products. Pro-Line's collective company goals are to lead the industry's accessory market and drive technological advances for our customers.


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