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Join us at The Dirt Nitro Challenge at Fear Farm in Arizona February 21-25, 2018

for U4RC Rock Racing, 1:8 Buggy & Truck, 1:5 Buggy & Truck!

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1.9 Trophy class in U4RC

1.9 Trophy class in U4RC

Running my Pro-Line 1.9 Hyrax in G8 compund

- Mike Cassar

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Finally home and rested from the 2017 Dirt Nitro Challenge. Had a pretty up and down week of racing with a lot of bad luck. I would have really good E-Buggy qualifying on the rough track which would position me in the B-Main of Pro E-Buggy. And in pro nitro buggy, it seemed like I couldn’t catch a break. I would have transponder issues in Q1 and break on the final lap in Q3 which would put me in a pretty low Main come Sunday.

“In the race warm-up the car felt AMAZING on my Pro-Line M3 ElectroShots, I felt super confident on bumping.” Read the rest of this entry »

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2017 Dirt Nitro Challenge was just that, a challenge.  The layout was the best that it has been in years, I felt that the track was more what I remember the DNC being in the past.  Coming to this race with entirely new platforms of cars, I knew would be difficult but testing before the race gave me the confidence that I would be able to compete and do well.

Ty used Pro-Line ElectroShot Tires, Velocity V2 Wheels and Trifecta Wing Read the rest of this entry »

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This past weekend, we traveled to Phoenix, AZ to attend the 17th annual Dirt Nitro Challenge at the Fear Farm RC Raceway. Wednesday we had two 7-minutes practice sessions for each class, with the 2nd set of practice runs being used for seeding. Thursday was Truck and E-Buggy qualifying, this went fairly well, some mistakes on my part in the runs but I was able to TQ round 1 of truck and ended up qualifying 2nd in both Truck and E-Buggy. Friday was Nitro Buggy qualifying, which was really close among the top drivers and I ended up qualifying 4th.

Ty ran Pro-Line X3 Suppressors to victory in 1:8 Truck

Also Check out the “Under The Champion’s Hood” article! Read the rest of this entry »

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Event to be held February 18-22, 2015at Fear Farm R/C Raceway
2209 N. 99th Phoenix, AZ

Joey –
Kenny –

Register by February 10th for your event T-shirt!

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Follow legendary R/C track builder Joey Christensen as he prepares for his biggest event, THE DIRT Nitro Challenge hosted in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Nitro Challenge has been going on for 14 years and has 900 entrants from all around the World racing for 5 days in February.

Take a look behind the scenes as Joey and his crew takes on this epic event.

Brought to you by Pro-Line Racing.

Check out our entire line-up of 1:8 Buggy products.

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Pro-Line Racing and 5150 Media Productions
Present “Come Drive With Us – The Nitro Challenge (Part 1)”


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A lot seems to be changing in the R/C racing world as of lately. Carpet touring cars are receiving aluminum chassis’s, short LiPo batteries are turning square, short course truck is now accompanied by short course buggy, 1:8 offroad bodies are beginning to look like the good ol’ days, and foamless tires have even hit the market.

While they are not involved in ALL of the major happenings listed above, one company that is involved in MANY of them is none other than Pro-Line Racing. We have sat down once again this week with Pro-Line designer, Matt Wallace, to get the inside scoop on what’s going on and the latest developments in R/C.


LiveRC: Welcome back Matt to another edition of “Talk-It-Up Tuesday!” We spoke with you not long ago, but since that time a lot has happened in the world of R/C for Pro-Line Racing. Let’s start off talking about Pro-Line team driver, Ty Tessmann‘s huge success at the Dirt Nitro Challenge. We all knew he was fast, but did you think he would win both classes in such a dominating performance?

Matt: Racing is very unpredictable and anything can happen (especially at a Nitro race) but Ty is incredibly fast and Ty and his family put in the work to be the best. Ty actually stayed down at Pro-Line between Reedy Race and Nitro Challenge to put on a 110% Racing class with his father Gord to teach racers how to properly prepare for Nitro Racing. Ty also did a bunch of testing and videos for Pro-Line while he was down too. Ty and his family definitely deserve it. But my claim to fame while Ty was down was crushing him at Flappy Bird. Ty: 47 Matt: 110 Ha ha! Read the rest of this entry »

“It’s called the Nitro ‘Challenge’, not the Nitro ‘Easy’..” – Joey Christensen
Stitched Panorama

No, it’s not called the Nitro Easy.. in fact, I don’t think the word easy was uttered the entire week (except when discussing how easy it would be to knock down the set of 9 jumps in the center of the track). There was a lot of pressure on Joey to change the notorious 9 pack, but in his usual calm confident manner, he stuck to his guns and left it alone. Guess what happened! People figured out how to get through it without crashing. Many of the pro drivers were singling the last 3 bumps if that’s what it took to stay on their wheels. Tip of the cap to Joe Dirt for once again pushing the drivers beyond their limit, and into the realm of “track management.” Cody was able to do triple, triple, double, single most of the buggy main and not crash (much).

The track was quite difficult because there was a lot of track jammed into the Fear Farm 1/8 scale track real estate. I heard someone say it was like Palm Desert and Thunder Alley  joined together, and I have to agree. Very busy and it would take a lot of good driving to negotiate the many narrow lanes with 45+ second lap times. On top of the complexity was the limited practice, and changing track conditions, making it in fact a real challenge. The track was quite loose Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with the grip coming up at night. What you end up with is a real test of man, machine, and knowledge.



Dusty track during qualifying the track was quite loose, so much so that we started doing things to the cars for more grip. We used softer springs and lightened the center diff fluid in both cars. This was working because Cody’s pace was improving. In buggy Cody’s points were 13-6-3, which placed him 6th on the grid for the buggy final. 3 points the final round of buggy was a nice way to wrap up qualifying. Truggy was more of a mixed bag, with 5-4-6, which placed him 5th on the truggy grid.. We still felt like the truck was getting easier to drive. The E-buggy was ok, and his points were 9-5-23, which put him 9th on the grid for the final.

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