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Pro-Line 3.8″ Sling Shot Paddle Tires for Sand and Snow!

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On The cover:

The all-new Sling Shot 4.3″ Pro-Loc Paddle Tire for X-MAXX®


Play in The Sand
featuring the full line-up of Pro-Line Sand/Snow Tires for your kit.
Our Paddles ensure maximum performance due to the true scoop design coupled with low roll outer sidewalls.
Sling Shots for X-MAXX®, 1:16 Truck (PreMounted), Short Course (also available PreMounted) , and 3.8″ MT (PreMounted)
Mohawks for Short Course 2WD Front
and of course Sand Paws for 1:10 Stadium Truck & 2.8″ MT (available PreMounted)

Back Cover:

New Releases include the Sling Shot 4.3″ Pro-Loc Paddle Tires for X-MAXX®, Dual Rate Spring Assortment for X-MAXX®, and Inversion 2.2″ 1:10 Buggy Front Tires available in 2WD & 4WD  in MC (Clay) or M4 (Super Soft)

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Watch this preview of an upcoming Feature Video: Pro-Line Sand 2 Snow.

These shots were taken in the local mountains in Southern California with a rare winter snow storm that rolled in.

Look for the full length Sand 2 Snow video here on our channel.

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Pro-Line Sling Shot SC Tires
Pro-Line Mohawk SC TiresPro-Line PowerStroke SC Shocks
Pro-Line F-11 Wheels

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On the Cover:

Back From The Past – The All-New Pro-Line 1985 Toyota HiLux SR5 Clear Body. Available as a 2-piece (Cab + Bed) or as a Cab Only

Pro-Line Short Course Truck Bodies, Performance Parts, Wheels, and Tires.

Including the Flo-Tek Fusion (Fusionata), VW Baja Bug (Bajaquaza), Chevy Silverado (Silveradotto), 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor (Raptorsaur), Pre-Assmbled PowerStroke and Pro-Spec Shocks (Shocklax), Super Bright LED Light Bars (Brightonite), Secure-Loc Body Mounts (Locmar), Pro-Spline Axles (Splineevee), F-11 Wheels (Elevenomoth), Renegade Wheels (Renegadepuff), Split Six Wheels (Sixeus), Prime SC Tires (Primeachu), Electron SC Tires (Electronabuzz), Sling Shot SC Tires (Shotmonlee), Badlands SC Tires (Badlandshew), Trencher X SC Tires (Trenchersaur), TSL SX Super Swamper SC Tires (Swamperwraith), Baja T/A KR2 SC Tires (KR2mew)

Back Cover:
New Releases!
1985 Toyota HiLux SR5 Bodies (Cab + Bed) / (Cab Only)
Predator Clear Body for D815
Destoryer 2.8″ on F-11 Wheels
Super Swamper 2.2″ and 1.9″ Crawler tires mounted on Faultline Bead-Loc Wheels
Super Swamper SC 2.2″/3.0″ Tires mounted on Split Six Wheels
Electron Lite 1:10 Buggy Tires
Pro-Line Black Chassis Protector for AE B6D
Pro-Line Team Cooler Wrap for your Igloo cooler. Goes perfectly with the New Conversion Kit!

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The Tank RC having fun with the Traxxas® Stampede® 4×4 Featuring Pro-Line Sling Shot SC Tires, F-11 Bead-Loc Wheels, and Ford F-150 Raptor SVT Body

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Featuring: Pro-Line Sling Shot 3.8″ Sand/Snow Tires

Click to Subscribe! ► - Paddle Tires – an essential part of any RC Winter Arsenal – what a great day to get out in the SNOW for a Flurry of Speed! First I must get my Paddle Tires mounted up on the rims, and then get them up on to my Savage Flux HP. These tires are 3.8″ in diameter, and I bought them for approximately 45$ per pair. The rims were a bit cheaper. The Locktight glue I am using can be found via Google. In this film I try and show the techniques I would normally do, in hopes this may help the folks who write to me asking about how to glue tires. I try to minimize the mess, and ensure that my fingers aren’t stuck together.. haha! 

I ran into a few different snags during this video.. but I am a persistent hobbyist, and always ensure I make the most of my days.. :~)

I hope you are inspired to try the Radio Control hobby!

RCSparks Studio

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Pro-Line 3.8″ Sling Shot Tires
Pro-Line 3.8″ Desperado Wheels
Pro-Line 2.2″/3.0″ Sling Shot Tires

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We’re back with another action video of our Pro-Line PRO-2 Short Course Truck! We’ve been getting a ton of snow this winter so what better way to enjoy the wet cold stuff than a Pro-Line PRO-2 with Sling Shot paddle Tires Pre-Mounted on Renegade Wheels in the rear and skis up front?

Check Out the YouTube Channel

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Check out the September Pro-Line Racing HoleShot Newsletter.

Front Cover is featuring the RAM 1500 Clear Body for 1:10 Scale Crawlers! Extreme traction on this truck is made possible by Super Swamper XL 1.9″ Tires mounted up on Faultline 1.9″ Bead-Loc Wheels. Scale style made even more realistic with the Ridge-Line Bumper Set (Narrow)

Inside you’ll surely get Fired Up with the brand new 2014 Chevy® SilveradoTM Clear Body. Put that fire out and make sure your Monster Truck stays cool with Pro-Line Scale Accessory Packs (Assortments #2, 4 & 7). Keep your truck moving over any terrain that get in its way with Trencher X 3.8″ Tires and F-11 3.8″ Wheels. Keep it all together with Pro-Line Secure-Loc Body Mounts! Checkout all of our 3.8″ Tires for your Monster Truck including: Sling Shot 3.8″ Sand/Snow Tires, Road Rage 3.8″ Street Tires and Masher 3.8″ All-Terrain Tires.

Also inside:

Couldn’t Make it to Italy for the 2014 IFMAR 1:8 Off-Road World Championship?
Check out the Pro-Line Blog Post about our own Team Driver and 2014 IFMAR World Champion Ty Tessman. Ty used Fugitive 1:8 Off-Road Tires to drive to victory.
Plus get the scoop on our Prototype Fuel Stick and Trifecta Lightweight Lexan® Wing!

The Back Cover features all the latest Pro-Line Products including the brand new and highly anticipated Electron SC tire for your Short Course Truck. Phantom Pre-Cut bodies for 1:8 Buggies (MBX-7 and 8ight 3.0) and 1:10 Buggies (B44.2, B5, and B5M). Plus Premounted Badlands 1:8 buggy Tires and Premounted Trencher 2.8″ Tires. Increase traction and performance with the all new 2.8″ Closed Cell Foam insert.

Checkout PROTOform’s brand new 1:10 Formula 1 bodies (F1-Thirteen/F1-Fourteen)

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