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This past weekend was Race 3 of the 5 race series and we had a blast!

We were at The Track in Gaithersburg, MD and ended up with 89 entries.

Last year we averaged 53.5 entries per race and so far this year we’re on track to double that!

It’s safe to say that the Dog Days of Summer Race Series has been well received by the racers and it’s proven in the consistent turnouts.

Everyone seems to have had a great time racing, hanging out in the pits, and winning loads of door prizes. Read the rest of this entry »

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More info @

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Last weekend would be a double header for me after taking 4 weeks off of racing.
First up would be the New Years Off-road shootout at The Track in Gaithersburg, MD. Last year this race drew 200 entries with some great competition so I was really looking forward to getting back to this. Unfortunately there was a major snow storm just south which made it impossible for many drivers to attend. I believe the final entry count was around 88 but there was no lack of talent.

I decided to show up running Pro-Line Primes in M4 compound which were hooked up. I bagged the tires in StickyKicks Yellow which gave them ridiculous amounts of traction from the get-go. No break in needed. I would continue to use StickyKicks yellow all day and not once had any issues getting traction with the Primes.

I entered in 2WD Mod Short Course Truck, 2WD Mod Stadium Truck, and 2WD Mod Buggy. All 3 vehicles were equipped with Maclan MMAX speed controls, Maclan MRR motors, and Xpert servos. The new Maclan MMAX speed control has been phenomenal. Super smooth power through the entire throttle curve. The Maclan MRR motors have tons of power and stayed cool throughout the whole weekend. In my SC5m I debuted the new Team Edition 17.5t motor which was terrific! Xpert servos were smooth and powerful as always to help me steer around the competition. Read the rest of this entry »

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This past Saturday was the 3rd annual Summer BBQ RC Shootout at Pit Stop Hobbies in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. It was about 92F when I got there early to set up around 10am and reached as high as 112F heat index which made things interesting for the track crew who tirelessly worked on getting the track to hold moisture throughout the day.


My friend and Maclan teammate Ian Maize would come down to visit Pit Stop Hobbies for the first time.

What’s a BBQ Shootout without a cool looking pistol shaped BBQ Grill. They served up some awesome chicken, corn on the cob, brats, and burgers. Everything was amazing!

I entered 2wd mod Stadium Truck with my T5m outfitted with the new Pro-Line Enforcer body. I  decided to stick with Pro-Line Holeshots M3 tires all around.

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This past weekend I raced at the Dog Days of Summer Race Series #2 at Pit Stop Hobbies in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania.

The track is a medium sized 10th scale track made of clay soil which makes things interesting. When the sun is beating down on it the track becomes low to mid traction however when the sun goes down the moisture comes up in the track and it goes to mid-high traction. This race would be during the day so the traction was maintained around mid level for most of the day. We had a total of 65 entries and some fierce competition show up for this 4 part race series hosted at Pit Stop Hobbies and Mushroom Bowl.



I raced in 2wd MOD Stadium Truck with my Team Associated T5m outfitted with Pro-Line Holeshots all around and sporting the new Pro-Line Enforcer body. I decided to run open cell foams up front and the Pro-Line blue closed cell foams in the rear and the combination was perfect. I was able to secure the TQ position for the A-main and after a few swaps for the lead in the beginning of the race I was able to check out and take the win.


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03/25/2016-03/26/2016 Hamburg, PA- To kick off the 2016 outdoor season I attended the first annual SKY Spring classic at hosted at the Mountain Springs Arena by Ultimate RC Pitstop. The old school loose dirt tracks were purpose built for this one event. They ran an oval and an off-road program on the same day within the arena.


I had registered in 2WD Mod Stadium Truck with my Team Associated T5M equipped with Pro-Line BullDog Body. The body was custom airbrushed by myself and stickered up by Mattox Designs. For tires I ran the Pro-Line Hole Shots in the rear and Pro-Line Edge up front both mounted on DE Racing Speedline wheels. Steering was provided by the powerful Xpert 4431 servo and for power I was running a Trackstar GenII speed control and a SpeedPassion 7.5t motor. Read the rest of this entry »

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We pulled a triple header last weekend. Friday night was a points race at Pit Stop Hobbies. Things did not go as planned as my speed control kept shutting off about 3-4 minutes into the race. I replaced every other electronic component with no success. I did manage to go from last to fighting for first in the A-main before it shut off again. This electrical failure now dropped me to second place in the points race. We left right from that race and drove 4 hours to Willow Farm RC Raceway for the Casino Run Saturday and 3rd race of the Dirt Road Stampede series. I have to get a loaner speed control thanks to James Henry! Read the rest of this entry »

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A fellow Pro-Line Teammate Chad Segner invited me out to his home track for a double header race weekend.

Willow Farm RC Raceway is located in Marion Center, PA on the Willow Farm Campground. It’s nestled deep in western Pennsylvania and a bit off the beaten track but well worth the drive. Everyone at this track was friendly and helpful and I’d recommend everyone in the area check it out.

The track surface is a loose dirt which is what off-road really should be. It did groove up nicely by the Mains and we did notice some decent traction.

I arrived Friday evening and got my pit all set up. The track crew were already busy working on prepping for the early morning start to racing.

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Summer Extravaganza Race & Charity Paint Off
Saturday, August 15, 2015

(717) 653-6222


Shaun Duffy

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The Pro-Line sponsored 2015 Summer BBQ Shootout was held at Pit Stop Hobbies in the scenic little town of Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. This being my summer home Track I knew it all too well. This is one of two Saturday races scheduled this year at a facility that is well known for running under the Friday Night Lights. The other big difference is The Summer BBQ Shootout is a day race which makes for a dramatically different track surface. My go-to Tires would normally be the Electron M4s however with the hot summer sun beating down on the track it becomes much looser. Here is where my trusty Hole Shot M4s love to play. Read the rest of this entry »

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