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This was my first year attending the 3rd West Coast 8th Scale Off-Road Race @ Adelanto Stadium.

This is a unique race as it is a pop up track that runs right next door to Adelanto Grand Prix.

I took the win and the Pro-Line equipment used was:
Pro-Line Hole Shots M4 (Super Soft)
Pro-Line 1:8 Car Stand

Jason Stump

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1ST place at Revelation Raceway
Truggy Expert
Pro-Line Hole Shot X3 VTR Tires
Pro-Line Enforcer Body

Tim Grbavac

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12/09/17 Toys for tots @ Thunder Alley Raceway
7th on Nitro Buggy 40 and over class
Hole Shots X4 Tires Read the rest of this entry »

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Riccardo Pasquetto Proline2

During last weekend, at IBR Padova, there was the last season race. Saturday we test some tires types and at the end we decided to use the HOLESHOT  M4

In both categories NITRO and BRUSHLESS, because these allowed us to be very steady. Sunday, in the final race, I was 1st in the Brushless and 3rd in the Nitro.

Many thanks to PRO-LINE for the excellent goods

Riccardo Pasquetto

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On The cover:

The all-new Sling Shot 4.3″ Pro-Loc Paddle Tire for X-MAXX®


Play in The Sand
featuring the full line-up of Pro-Line Sand/Snow Tires for your kit.
Our Paddles ensure maximum performance due to the true scoop design coupled with low roll outer sidewalls.
Sling Shots for X-MAXX®, 1:16 Truck (PreMounted), Short Course (also available PreMounted) , and 3.8″ MT (PreMounted)
Mohawks for Short Course 2WD Front
and of course Sand Paws for 1:10 Stadium Truck & 2.8″ MT (available PreMounted)

Back Cover:

New Releases include the Sling Shot 4.3″ Pro-Loc Paddle Tires for X-MAXX®, Dual Rate Spring Assortment for X-MAXX®, and Inversion 2.2″ 1:10 Buggy Front Tires available in 2WD & 4WD  in MC (Clay) or M4 (Super Soft)

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carioca 2017

The Rio de Janeiro State Championship 2017 is over. 7 races on 3 different tracks, resulting in 5 Top Qualifies and 4 Race Victories.

Racing mostly on either Hole Shot or Blockade in X3 compound, Pro-Line provided me with the grip needed to achieve this result.

The X3 compound, even in the high track temperatures we have sometimes here in Brazil (over 50C / 120F) are holding up perfectly for our 40-minutes Main finals. Read the rest of this entry »

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This summer was a little rough on racing for me. I started the outdoor season off with some club racing at the local outdoor track, but then the rains came. The track was flooded for the entire month of May. I started back up in June to get ready for the Futaba race. With my work schedule, I was unable to attend a couple of races out of town. After the Futaba race I was so busy at work that I shut my outdoor racing down. I decided that I would start back up this fall once work slowed down and I was able to get off on Saturdays again. The construction field is really busy during the summer so that limited the time I had to race.

In Buggy the best tire was The Pro-Line X2 Electro Shot. It was fast and very consistent. Read the rest of this entry »

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2017 JBRL final round is over. Cannot wait for next season. Had some really good runs this season and a few struggles as well. The Final round was in Las Vegas. I have a pretty good handle on the Associated cars now and I finally got a hold of that Pro-Line Fuel Stick for this race!

Pro-Line Hole Shot Tires for Truggy and Buggy

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Once again I would make the 5 hour drive south for the annual North vs South race held at CVR 2.0 in Madera, California.  Starting with my base setups, my cars were as close to perfect as you can get on Friday practice.  Without making any setup changes, I had a lot of confidence going in racing on Saturday.

 My Tekno cars were phenomenal with the help from my Pro-Line M3 Hole Shots and Tekin electronics!   Read the rest of this entry »

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12th A-Main Nitro Buggy Sportsman
13th place overall
Pro-Line Hole Shot X3 Tires Read the rest of this entry »

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