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The Pro-Line Test Track hosted round one of the 2017 JBRL Nitro SeriesAdam Drake was the top qualifier in Nitro Truck and open Electric.

Drake won the Nitro Truck final, finished second in Nitro Buggy, and third in Open Electric.  Read the rest of this entry »

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PSYCHO NITRO BLAST 10TH Anniversary: The Decimation, April 7 – 9 White Pine, Tennessee


This would be our first year attending the Psycho Nitro Blast held in White Pine, Tennessee. The night before our big trip we were both sick. Between David blowing his nose and me not being able to swallow due to my sore throat, neither one of us got any sleep. How could this be happening now? We got up the next morning and headed to work to wrap up some stuff before hitting the road. Still not feeling all that great we knew it was going to be a long ride as we had around 860 miles to drive. 2 hours in we hit severe weather. The wind was blowing extremely hard and it was hailing. We ended up driving for around 7 hours before stopping at a rest area. We climbed into our camper to get some rest and hoped to feel better the next morning. Waking up to a loud KABOOM! of thunder around 6:00AM that was our que to hit the road. After David drove for 3 hours in the rain as we got near Atlanta, GA an emergency broadcast came on the radio warning people of tornados in the area, heavy winds and rain. We couldn’t have been happier when we finally arrived at the Expo Center around 1:00PM. That’s when the rain finally stopped. Since we were one of the first people to arrive we got to choose our camp site and blocked off front row camping for our friends arriving tomorrow. After making a quick trip to Walmart to stock up our cabinets and refrigerator for the weekend, we are now able to sit back and relax until Friday.

Ran Pro-Line Hole Shot Tires Read the rest of this entry »

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This past weekend we made the 11 hour trip down to White Pine, Tn for the 10th annual Psycho Nitro Blast! This event being like no other with 24 hours of practice and racing going nonstop from 5am on Friday. With the 916 entries I decided to race all three Pro Classes: Nitro Buggy, Nitro Truggy and E-Buggy. Friday practice went well with all three Tekno cars feeling right on pace! Qualifying had its ups and downs, in Pro Buggy I got an A-Main run in Q1 and was a bit off pace in Q2 and 3 putting me 2nd in the B-Main!

My Tekno cars powered by Triton Engines burning Nitro Pro Fuel/Orion motors hooked up with Pro-Line Hole Shots and stayed in control with BK Servos! Read the rest of this entry »

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Adam Drake wins the Spring Challenge hosted by Revelation Raceway. Drake was the TQ and Won the 30-minute final by two laps.

Pro-Line X3 Hole Shot 2.0 Tires, Predator Body, Velocity Wheels, and Trifecta Lite Wing. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ran the RC Madness Season Opener! That would be the “Outdoor” season! We ran our two trusty steeds, our Xray XB8E E-Buggy and our MIP Pro4mance 4×4 SCT (Pro4).

The weather was incredible, and the track was fun but challenging with ever changing conditions of true off road racing.

David Ran Pro-Line Hole Shot Tires in both Pro4 and E-Buggy

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Lots of fun & action to be had with 3 days at the track!

Did pretty decent considering the amount of talent on hand at this Legendary Event! (our first time visiting)

Signed up in the Open Class which is a intermediate class (not yet Pro but more advanced than the Sportsman class)

Nitro 1:8 Buggy, Qualified 7th & finished 6th in the C-Main… (38th out of 102 competitors)
Electric 1:8 Buggy, Qualified 6th & finished 4th in the C-Main… (36th out of 90 competitors)
Slowly but Steadily crawling our way to the top!

Pro-Line Tires, Fugitive-Lites in M4 compound worked well in early qualifiers but we choose to go with Hole Shots in M3 compound for the remaining qualifiers as the dust in the racing groove was getting heavier. Read the rest of this entry »

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Well I put my second Psycho Nitro Blast in the books. It was another great time down in Tennessee for this event filled with some frustration, but they got quickly buried by all the good times this weekend.

I choose to run Open Electric Buggy and Open Nitro Buggy this weekend to have more downtime and focus on getting more rest this year then last year. We arrived Thursday evening and I could not wait to see the track. I personally really liked the layout and thought it was much better then last year. Nothing was to over the top but challenging enough to make for some good racing. Practice day went well with both of my cars and was felling confident heading into qualifying.

Pro-Line products used:
M4 Buggy Hole Shots
M3 Buggy Hole Shots
M3 Buggy Blockade
V2 Velocity Wheels
1:8 Trifecta Lexan Clear Wing

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I started off the Super Seven Series at Thunder Alley strong taking 1st place in the E-Buggy division with my XRAY XB8e that was equipped with Pro-Line SwitchBlades (M3).

I also took 2nd place in this weekend’s featured class, 4WD SCT. As a result, I received a $30 cash payout, which was a nice bonus and helped offset some of the costs.  It was a great way to start this year’s series as I collected valuable points that are sure to be in high demand as the series progresses.  Read the rest of this entry »

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I attended Silver State for the first time this past weekend. It was an epic event. I am happy I finally got to cross this race off my bucket list but it won’t be the last time I go there, that’s for sure! I showed up fairly unprepared. I had to leave a lot of stuff at home, and this was only my second race ever driving my E817. It took me most of the weekend to get close to where I wanted to be with the car. I never really achieved the sweet spot but I am satisfied with my progress with the car, just wish it wouldn’t have taken all weekend.

I used M4, M3, and X3 Hole Shots and Electro Shots throughout the weekend. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pro-Line Hole Shots were great on the E-Buggy at the Tennessee State Championship held at ROCCK Racing while I ran Blockades on the Short Course Truck.


Thanks Pro-Line for the support.

Austin Hughes

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