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The 2017 Summer season was by far the most intense and competitive season I ever have experienced. The Northwest Championship Tour turned out its largest entry count to date, almost setting a new entry record at every round, with over 2000 entries totaling for the season. Skagit River Raceway, my local track, saw a resurgence in the 1:8 Nitro scene, and I decided to join the nitro fun as well. This would be my first season on Pro-Line Tires as well. Read the rest of this entry »

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Elliott won the last round of our BRCA National Series with a TQ and Win and also won the National Championship for 2017

M4 Fugitive Lites in the final, lapped everyone !! Super Fast Tyre

elliotbrcafinal-3 elliotbrcafinal-1

Thank all for the support!

Elliott Boots

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Roar 5

This was a great series with races all over the Region 2 area! The tracks included with this series consisted of:

Adrenaline RC in Winchester, VA
RC Pro Racing in Hayes, VA
The Tiltyard in Dayton, VA
Mushroom Bowl RC in Kennett Square, PA
G’s RC Raceway in Shippensburg, PA Read the rest of this entry »

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I had this race circled on my calendar for several months as it was my home track’s big summer race. Unfortunately, the event was cut short by a rain storm but we were able to squeeze in three rounds of qualifying on Day 1. The rain began shortly after the qualifiers and lasted into the night so we were unable to run the scheduled Mains on Sunday. It was a bit of a bummer for sure but overall the event was still a positive.

Ran Pro-Line Blockades and Fugitives

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Had an awesome weekend traveling to San Diego and then up to Banning for the SIK/Pro-Line Gas Champs! Levi, Daniel and everyone involved put on a great event with the random heads up starts and the limited Saturday practice it was one to remember! As for racing goes I decided to run Pro Nitro Buggy and 16-Under Nitro Buggy as I was traveling solo.

Ran Pro-Line Fugitive Tires Read the rest of this entry »

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This past weekend I packed up and headed south with teammate Joe Bornhorst to attend Levi Jackson’s Battle of the Sikest hosted at S&B RC Speedway in South Carolina. After the long 8.5 hour drive down we had arrived to a rather wet track due to all the rain that had hit the area during the past day or so. The pictures of the layout really did not do the track or layout any justice. Levi did a really nice job and made a really fun and flowing layout.

Pro-Line Products used:
M3 Hole Shot, M4 Electron, M3 Fugitive
V2 Velocity Wheels
Trifecta Lexan 1:8 Buggy Wing Read the rest of this entry »

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Me and P-L Teammate Jared Wiggins headed out to LRT Raceway in Evansdale, IA for their outdoor season opener. 60 entries with some great nitro buggy competition would be in attendance. This track is unique in that it has a very hard, abrasive, almost sandpaper like surface with really high tire wear. We knew this would call for X compounds all day and were confident in the Pro-Line rubber to withstand these conditions.

I would be running Nitro and Electric Buggy. Jared and I would bounce and try tire ideas back and forth and we were narrowed to Fugitives, Blockades, and Lockdowns.


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3/4/17  King RC This was our first race of the year and the first since last October. I was a little rusty but got to practice quite a few times before the race started. We ended up getting 3 qualifiers in E-buggy and then they cut nitro back to 2 qualifiers so they could get the show in since they don’t have lights. We didn’t get in a good round for nitro Buggy so I ended up starting 1st in the B-main. Still with no luck I ended up finishing 3rd and not getting the bump. We ended up starting 4th in the A-Main with the E-buggy out of 50 entries in that class. It ended up getting somewhat dark during the main but I still ended up getting a 3rd place finish. All in all the equipment worked great just had a rusty driver. We ended up on M4 Electrons.


4/28 4/29/17 Badlands Myrtle Beach SC for the Spring Sting. We ran pro Buggy and pro E-buggy. Qualifying didn’t go to bad in pro nitro buggy. We ended up starting 10th in the pro A-main. After the 30-mins was up we ended up finishing 9th. Not bad with the crowd that was there. E-buggy didn’t go as good. Car was good just couldn’t quit making mistakes. With such intense competition, one or two of those and you were out of it. We also ended up on X2 Fugitives for qualifying in both classes. As the night came we ran X3 Fugitives in E-buggy and M4 Fugitives in nitro. I think I could have ran X4 but was scared of the moisture of the night.

Thanks for the support and the awesome tires!

Thanks Mike Webb

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It’s official, the Enjoy trophy at Ongaroring.

In this circuit with my brushless Buggy, we chose FUGITIVE X3 from the beginning and this went very well both during the qualifications, giving us speed and constancy and during the final, finishing in 3rd position.

Also for the nitro, a very good choice was FUGITIVE X3 but unfortunately during the final (start at the 4th place), the buggy broke and I didn’t finish where I wanted.

Thanks to PRO-LINE for the excellent products.

Ricardo Pasquetto

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I took home two Fall Brawl belts from this year’s race. The event has become one of the largest outdoor RC races on the east coast with over 570 entries and featured a majority of the top racers. Every class was stacked so I am very happy with my finishes and hope I can use the experience to gain confidence and continue improving as a racer.

Pro-Line Electrons (MC) / Pro-Line Holeshots (M4 and M3) / Pro-Line Fugitive (X4)

Pro-Line Fusion SCTPro-Line Type-R Buggy

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