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Force Series Round 1 @ Triple Nickle Raceway


Well after taking some time off to get things together after 2016. We started to see what races we wanted to do for 2017 season. We have been wanting to get out to more tracks that we have not been to before. So after looking around we decided to do The Force Series which is 9 races this year with 2 of them out of state in Georgia.

We made our way down to Bartow for round 1 of The Force Series at Triple Nickle Raceway. This was a new track to us and unfortunately we were not able to get to the track the night before for some practice. So we got the car ready in the morning for round 1 of qualifying.

We put on some Pro-Line Blockades M4.

He was running good got up to 4th at on point and then had some trouble off of one of the jumps and ended up finishing 7th. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sunday, January 15th was the fifth and final race in the Adrenaline RC fall point series in Winchester, VA.  The indoor facility is capable of running 1:8 electric classes through out the entire fall and winter, which is a first for the region.  The event gathered 91 entries to battle it out for the final event of the series.

Ethan entered the event in the 1:8 Electric Buggy class with his Mugen Seiki MBX7r on Pro-Line M4 Electroshot tires and the Pro-Line Trifecta lexan wing for the entire weekend.  After 2 rounds of qualifying, Ethan would start in the top qualifying position and complete the sweep of double A-mains finishing first in both features.  This would allow him to finish 2nd overall in the 1:8 Electric Buggy class Read the rest of this entry »

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Tekno RC EB48.4 Electric 1:8 Buggy on
Pro-Line Racing Blockade M3 Tires
and Velocity V2 Wheels

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January Jam 2017 is in the book’s and it was a very nice ride for Team Acosta. The track was COLD COLD COLD but was very challenging and fun.

Taking the Win and the TQ in the 1:10 4WD Mod class running the XB4 2016 powered by Dualsky and Highest Servo with Pro-line Microns MC kept the car stuck.

In Nitro Buggy landed a 7th spot in the A-Main and was able to better his finish with a 5th overall and a podium spot running the XB8 2016 powered by OS, Highest servo’s and the Pro-Line Blockades M4 was the ticket to keeping it hooked up. Read the rest of this entry »

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This Saturday I ran the Final race at the Nitro Engine Club track in Pereira, Colombia.

I got a perfect TQ and win the final after being in 1st place all time. Also I received the achievement of the fastest lap of the year.

All this on Pro-Line M3 Blockades.
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It was a great final weekend of racing for the 2016 season. This past weekend, I ran all four classes at The Grinch Grand Prix held at WTRC. Qualifying went great, but fell apart in the nitro Mains.

I was able to secure the win in E-Truggy on M3 Suppressors, using the P-L Trifecta Wing and VTR Wheels. Read the rest of this entry »

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October 1st, As we made our way to River Rat RC Allen decides to run his Xray XB8e.

He went out for a little practice and car felt real good on Pro-Line Blockades, So we decided to take the car in and look it over and get it ready for the Quals. He ran real good in the 1st Qual and took TQ.

In the 2nd Qual got knocked out of TQ and finished 2nd. Come to the Mains Allen started in 2nd place. It was a close race between 1st and 2nd the whole race. One little bobble with either one and that would give the other a chance to pass. The pressure was on both for sure.

Allen’s Xray XB8e ran great all day on Pro-Line Racing Blockades, and at the end of the race Pro-Line driver take 1st ( Allen Kosier) on podium in 1:8 E-Buggy.

Thanks #prolineracing, #riverratrc, #ftmgrip

- Allen Kosier

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Showing up at the Track Friday morning, it was raining and the track was mud. Luckily I brought my new Xray XB2 and ran it on the indoor track. That night all of the kids at the event went to a trampoline park for an hour and had a blast. The next day bright and early we show up at the track, and since it was raining all day Friday and Friday night, the track was still muddy. But the Fastlane Track crew was putting peat moss all over the track so we could try to get the event started as soon as possible.

Dillon Ran Pro-Line Blockades in the Mains and Hole Shots in Qualifying

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This past weekend we headed down to Louisiana to attend the Southern Nationals, the race is held indoors in an expo center, the dirt is made up of clay and sand, the race organizers rent the building, build the track, run the race and take down the track all within a week. They do an amazing job of building an incredible track, the layout was challenging with massive jumps and high speed. It started out very smooth but as it does every year the track gets a little blown out which we thought would be an excellent test for the worlds. The organizers told us that this year the track blew out a bit more than normal, but this was exactly what we wanted to get ready for the worlds.

We started out with our standard setup on both cars for a smooth surface and made adjustments throughout the weekend. I managed to TQ 2 of 3 rounds in each class, Buggy and Truggy, the last Buggy qualifier was at about 9:30 Saturday night and the main would not be run until about 7:30 Sunday night. This left us to watch the track and make adjustments to the car based on past knowledge as there were no A-Main warmups. The people that ran in the earlier Mains told us that the grip had increased quite a bit.

Ty Ran Pro-Line M3 Blockades to Victory! Read the rest of this entry »

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26-27-28 August, amazing weekend in the Alseno Circuit during the Italian Job. Friday we ran with the BLOCKADE X3 and the time laps were excellent. during the Saturday the temperature of the circuit was very high and we chosen the BLOCKADE X2 that allow me to have the best 3 consecutive laps of my category.

In the final we decided to use the BLOCKADE X2 and i conquered the 3rd position.

Many thanks to Pro-Line.

Riccardo Pasquetto

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