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There’s no denying the scale scene when it comes creativity and 1:1 to scale xeroxability. Especially in some instances were a mere double take is simply not enough to confirm nor deny whether a vehicle is a full size 1:1 rig or a scale R/C rig.

Pro-Line Jeep Comanche Clear Body

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No doubt that Axial’s Yeti Platform has made a significant impact on the Off-Road Rock Racing scene since it was introduced just over a year ago.  It is a versatile crawler / rock racer platform which can be modified to adapt in many different styles of terrain and driving. Pro-Line Racing recognize this and we some offer exciting products to upgrade this awesome platform into the rock racer of your dreams.

What you are about to see here in this article is a culmination of testing and modifications to our 1:10 scale Yeti test unit #1 from the initial release. This vehicle has logged some serious hours and we are glad to share with you this monster of a build.

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Time to hit the trails! With RC Patrol


New Custom Flatbed finished with Pro-Line Racing roof rack and Scale Accessories on top. The F-250 rides again. Have a good day! The work has paid off and the SCX10 is ready for the trail. After a few upgrades and a custom flatbed by +Dave of RC Patrol, the rig is ready for action.

RC-Patrol-Picture-scx10_honcho_f250_proline_final_sep_2015_2 RC-Patrol-Picture-scx10_honcho_f250_proline_final_sep_2015_3 RC-Patrol-Picture-scx10_honcho_f250_proline_upgrade_B8

Scale Accessories:
#6088-00 Ridge-Line Bumper (Narrow) #6075-00 Scale Accessory Assrtmt #7 ( Gas Can, Water Jug, Fire Extinguisher, Spade)
#6040-00 Scale Accessory Assrtmnt#1 (Cooler, Winch, Case, Jerry Can)
#6045-00 Scale Accessory Assrtmnt#2 (Axe, Pry Bar, Shovel, High-Lift Jack)

Also Featuring Pro-Line TSL SX Super Swamper XL 1.9″ Tires mounted on Titus 1.9″ Bead-Loc Wheels

RC-Patrol-Picture-scx10_honcho_f250_proline_final_sep_2015_4 RC-Patrol-scx10-honcho-ford-prolineracing-body-2 RC-Patrol-scx10-honcho-ford-prolineracing-body-1

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You’ve gotta Make it fit!!

Here are a few tips on how to make the 1966 Ford F-100 Body for 1:8 Monster Trucks (#3415-00) fit your Axial SCX10 Honcho.

1. Slice it! You will want to find a line to slice and separate the cab from the bed. Leaving 1/4″ extra material behind the cab.

2. Chop it! In order to fit the narrow cab of the F-100, you will need to modify the stock Honcho cage by removing the front hoop.

3. Prep it!  Once you’ve got your F-100 body to fit onto the chassis just the way you want it, it’s time to paint it up and mount it. Custom fit your Pro-Line 1966 F-100 and Stand out at the next Crawl Event!!

For Painting tips visit our How-To Tips Page

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Recently Pro-Line released the Type-R for the Kyosho MP9 Nitro Buggy, and being a Kyosho fan it quickly caught my eye.

Problem is, I have the MP9E Electric Buggy, and not the Nitro.  Being the die hard Pro-Line fan I am, I was curious to see if I could get it to fit.

Interested to see how I did it?? KEEP ON READIN’!!

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Since the early 80’s, RC Monster Trucks have been a fascination part of the RC community. Their Popularity comes and goes but one thing is certain, they are here to stay. Monster Trucks are currently experiencing resurgence as of late and Pro-Line is no stranger to them.  Our offerings that go back just as far as the original Tamiya Clod Buster of the Mid 80’s. With the most recent release of our new #10114-02 2.6” Destroyer Monster Truck TiresPro-Line renews that passion again and usher in a new era of Monster Truck performance tires. To commemorate these new products, we have created a series of custom builds. “Monster Bolt” is our high performance racing version incorporating today’s technology into the enduring passion of Monster Truck racing from the past and present.

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The Axial Racing Wraith has become one of the main stays in the RC Scale / Crawler market spawning a countless hoard of aftermarket part goodness. You can take a main stream Wraith and turn it into something extraordinary. Our original Wraith is no exception. It has been around the shop since 2011 dawning many of Pro-Line Racing’s Rock Crawling and Scale Accessories - visiting many trade shows over the past years. With such rich history and great service, an update of epic proportions is well deserved.  So join us as we give our Wraith an Extreme Makeover.

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The DEX8T from Team Durango has been one of the fastest KIT builds I have ever done. WOW! In this episode I cover the final touches including Body, Wheel (Pro-Line VTR 4.0″ Zero Offset Wheels) and Tire (Blockade VTR 4.0″ X3) choices before hitting the track.

Team Durango is “Serious About Racing” and it shows in how much they think about the end user of their KITS. The new 1:8 KITS from Team Durango include the Electric Buggy version, Electric Truggy version (as seen in the video) and the Nitro buggy version. Armed with partially assembled components, this KIT will go together quicker than any KIT you’ve turned screws on before. 

Here’s links to two of the videos I mentioned in the video:

Travis’ explanation of the adjustable Geometry:…

Chris’ Quick Change Diff!…

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In the Scale Crawler / Scale Truck market, RC4WD has been at the forefront with Scale Chassis, Truck Kits and a host of custom machined parts. One of their most recent kits is the Gelande II chassis with the Cruiser Body Set. This comes in a hard top version, but with a little custom modification, we are going topless to show a more scale / detailed look. In this build, we’ll be adding a host of Pro-Line Scale Accessories for the Ultimate Scale Rig.
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DaveM here with the latest video of the most current build from Radio Control Patrol. The Sketch Box 1/10 trail truck is complete and out in the field putting in work. The Sketch Box is an Axial SCX10 12” wheel-base trail truck/crawler with a host of upgrades from Pro-Line Racing. The modifications make for a solid Trail Truck and a good looking RC as well.

RC Patrol chose Pro-Line parts for this rig because of the reputation and fact that they make GREAT RC products. We couldn’t afford to play around, we wanted the best.

The Body : 1992 Jeep Cherokee 1/10 Scale from Pro-Line Racing.…

The Bumpers : Pro-Line Racing Ridge Line Wide Bumpers.…

The Wheels: Pro-Line Racing Denali 9 Spoke 1.9 Beadlocks…

The Tires : Pro-Line Super Swamper TSL SX 1.9 XL…

The Shocks : Pro-Line Power Stroke Scale Shocks…

The Rack : Pro-Line tubular roof rack (Square)…

The Gear : Scale Accessories #5 and #7…… On top of that there were numerous light buckets and some LED wiring that had to be done as well as a custom hand painted paint job by me, DaveM. Using paint markers and some quick sketching skills I put together The Sketch Box body and backed it with white. I went for this look to keep the truck bland of color yet complicated in design and quite artistic. Looks like it worked out okay and it stands out from the rest of the Cherokee rigs out there. Look for a blog post of the complete build this weekend:

More videos to follow as The Sketch Box makes it way around the trails here in Georgia. Thanks for viewing and have a good day.

Please like and comment if you please, they are always appreciated.

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