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Pro-Line All Terrain Cooler Conversion Kit MSRP $49.95
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Pro-Line All Terrain Cooler Conversion

Convert your plain, old, beat down plastic cooler wheels with Pro-Line's All Terrain Cooler Conversion Kit. Conveniently Pre-Built and Easy to Install. Real rubber tires make it super quiet and smooth. Best of all it can go off-road with ease leaving other coolers in its tracks!


The conversion kit is a pair of Pro-Line’s legendary Award Winning 2.8” Trencher tires mounted to heavy duty, special cooler made F-11 wheels for a killer look that resembles an extreme off-road truck.


An extra-long axle and stainless steel hardware are included to complete your cooler’s transformation. The heavy duty F-11 wheels spin on oil impregnated bushings for years of maintenance free rolling.

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Fits Igloo® 60 Qt or similar coolers
Overall Width (Including Tire)   22.0" (560mm)
Axle Mounting Width   15.84" (402mm)
Axle Dia:  

5/16" (7.9mm)

Tire Height   4.87" (124mm)
Tire Width   2.86" (73mm)

Included in package

- 2.8” Trencher tires in M2 compound mounted to heavy duty F-11 wheels (2pcs)

- Extra-long replacement axle (1pc)

- Stainless steel screws and washers (2pcs)


- Oil impregnated bushings (4pcs)

- Wheel spacers (2pcs)

- Hex wrenches (2pcs)





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