Gladiator 2 2.2" M2 (Medium) Off-Road Truck Tires

for Front or Rear
Pro-Line Gladiator 2 2.2" Off-Road Truck Tires M2 Medium - 8170-01
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Price: $23.95
Product ID : 8170-01
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This is Pro-Line’s Gladiator 1:10 Truck Tires for T4, GT2, XXX-T, Rustler®, Stampede®, or JATO® bashing needs. The Gladiator tread is an icon in the world of RC because of its unmatched traction and durability on a variety of surfaces. For over a decade, Gladiator tires have been tearing up bash and race spots around the World. Pro-Line Racing has brought the Gladiator tread to your 1:10 Truck so you can dominate the terrain! The Gladiator tires are designed to give your 1:10 Truck optimal traction on any surface, while also giving you the durability that you are searching for. When you see the mean looking knobs on your 1:10 truck, you will know that you made the right decision to trust Pro-Line with your traction needs. After you punch the throttle, you will be a Pro-Line fan for life!


Please note: All tires & wheels are sold in pairs, unless otherwise noted.

8170-01 | Gladiator 2 2.2" Off-Road Truck Tires

  • Gladiator tires (2 pcs)
  • Foam inserts (2 pcs)

Tire Compound Colored Dot Chart
Height:   4.26" (108mm)
Width:   2.03" (52mm)

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by gtbmxracer405
09/21/2010 - 07:59:10 PM
Fantastic tire
i currently have a stampede and drive it on my bmx track often but the talons (stock) would slide everywhere, then i thought i might buy these, WOW!!!! its like i am driving a 4x4, sticks to the dirt like glue and wheelies on the grass on demand, totally shreds the dirt, while gripping it at the same time, this tire really throws a rooster tail, thank you pro-line for making an awesome tire that solved my traction problem, i highly recommend them for almost all offroading and racing!
Reviewed by kostondub
09/02/2010 - 12:49:03 PM
Awesome tires
I'm fairly new to the RC scene, but the guys who kept asking what tire I was running and where to get them were not. I kept up on my nearly stock 1/10 Slash VXL, beating up on guys with years more experience and tuning prowress. Very predictable handling, low wear and great traction everywhere I take my truck (BMX dirt tracks, backyard tracks, baseball diamonds). By the time I left my first event, nearly everyone had asked about these tires. Completely changes the handling of my truck - I can't stand the skinny, non-grippy stock tires anymore and threw them in the trash.
Reviewed by DougT
01/23/2016 - 10:54:09 PM
Great tire with lots of traction
I bought these for my 20 year old 4x4 HPI RS4 MT stadium truck with 2.2" Pro-Line rims. Wow, they sure do hook up well. Rarely do they slide or lose traction. I'm running that same vintage brushed motor and 2S lipo and I can't break these tires loose. For a short time a swapped in a 4300kv brushless with the same battery and it would do a 4x4 wheelie and would flip over backwards if you weren't careful.

I'm really thinking about buying a couple more sets of these for my and my son's new SCT trucks.

I'd highly recommend these tires, especially if you're running on grass or dirt or other softer terrain.