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Scale Accessory Assortment #1

for 1:10 Crawlers and Monster Truck - (Cooler with Cover, Winch Box with Tow Strap and Cover, Gas Can, HD Winch)

  • SKU: 6040-00
  • 31.95 USD$31.95
  • List Price: $36.95
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This is Pro-Line's Scale Accessory Pack #1. True-scale crawling is an addiction, a way of life, a passion. Pro-Line has recognized your passion for scaling and stepped-up to the plate with a variety of injection-molded, hand-painted accessories for 1:10 crawling and 1:10 monster trucks.

Scale Accessory pack #1 includes cooler with cover, winch box with tow strap and cover, gas can, and HD winch. Each is injection-molded and hand painted.

When you're looking to fulfill your passion for scale crawling, then check out Pro-Line's latest scale accessories for 1:10 crawlers and 1:10 monster trucks.

6040-00 | Scale Accessory - Assortment #1

  • Injection-molded pieces
  • Hand painted
  • Includes: cooler with cover (13.6g), winch box with tow strap and cover (10.0g), gas can (6.2g), and HD winch (6.8g)

  • Cooler with cover
  • Winch box with tow strap and cover
  • HD winch
  • Gas can

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