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Rectangular Scale Off-Road Tubular Roof Rack

for 1:10 Crawlers and Monster Truck

  • SKU: 6084-00
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  • List Price: $27.95
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This is a Rectangular Scale Off-Road Tubular Roof Rack for Scale Crawlers. Need to haul more cargo and Supplies on your Scale Crawler adventure? Look no further than our new Rectangular Off-Road Tubular Roof Rack!  Molded in Black, this Roof Rack is designed to simulate the square / tubular roof racks seen on most 1:1 Off Road Vehicles. It offers double the capacity of our original 6046-00 Square roof rack measuring in at just over 6 5/8" in length (6" Less front faring) by 4 3/8" wide and is 5/8" Deep. The rack has light mounting points molded into the upper structure that allows you to add up to 7 off road lights. The front faring and side plates are also removable allowing you to custom tailor the look of the rack. Mounting Hardware is also included allowing you to mount it to just about any Scale Off-Road Body. Customize your rig with our new Roof Rack today!


6084-00 | Off-Road Tubular Roof Rack

  • Awesome scale looks simulate full size roof racks
  • Removable front fairing for a customizable look
  • Huge space for mounting scale accessories (6 5/8" by 4 3/8" by 5/8")
  • Mounting points included to add optional lights

  • Molded Black Roof Rack pieces
  • Mounting Hardware

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