Aluminum Top Shaft

for PRO-2 and PRO-2 Buggy Performance Transmission (6092-00)
Pro-Line Aluminum Top Shaft - 6092-18
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Product ID : 6092-18
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This is an Aluminum Top Shaft for the PRO-2 series of vehicles. Pro-Line now has a lightweight Hard Anodized Aluminum Top Shaft for stock racers using the Pro-Line Performance Transmission!  Stock racing is all about reducing rotating mass and the new Aluminum Top Shaft shaves a significant amount of weight compared to the stock Steel Top Shaft.

If you want to get faster acceleration out of your PRO-2, PRO-2 Buggy and Performance Transmission (6092-00) then get yours today!

6092-18 | Aluminum Top Shaft for PRO-2, PRO-2 Buggy and Performance Transmission (6092-00)

  • Hard Anodized Aluminum Top Shaft
  • Perfect fit into your Performance Transmission and PRO-2
  • Reduce Rotating Mass to Improve Acceleration
  • Reduced Weight Compared to Stock: 64% lighter than standard steel top shaft
    Standard Weight: 12.2g / Aluminum Weight: 4.4g

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Reviewed by drivercorycraig
10/12/2015 - 10:44:55 AM
I purchased one of these for my Blinky truck. Man what a difference! it fit perfect, and is as advertised in weight savings! With the stock top shaft weighing 12.2 grams, this bad boy comes in weighing just a measly 4.4 grams. This option is for anyone, anyone from a serious racer with a pro2, to a basher tryin to get a leg up on your neighbor. This is one sure way to gain an advantage!