1:10 Buggy Foam

Pro-Line Foam
1:10 V2 Closed Cell Rear Foam
for 1:10 Buggy 2.2" Rear Tires
Product ID : 6185-04
$10.01  $11.95
1:10 Closed Cell 2WD Front Inserts
for 2.2" Buggy 2WD Front Tires
Product ID : 6185-03
$8.46  $9.95
1:10 Closed Cell 4WD Front Inserts
for 2.2" Buggy 4WD Front Tires
Product ID : 6185-02
$8.46  $9.95
Product is out of stock
1:10 Closed Cell Rear Inserts
for 1:10 Buggy 2.2" Rear Tires
Product ID : 6185-01
$9.31  $10.95

Pro-Line Racing makes top quality aftermarket accessories for your RC Car. We specialize in detailed, scale realism in our RC bodies, durability in our RC Wheels, and performance in our RC Tires. Pro-Line has been committed to quality and takes great pride in producing the best possible products to suit your needs right here in the USA. We do not compromise on materials or workmanship in our process. Our proprietary manufacturing processes and custom blended raw materials are what give us a proven competitive advantage. Whether you are racing at your local track, or bashing in your back yard, Pro-Line makes something for you!