How To Tips: MAXX Performance Suspension Kit Tuning Guide

Tuning Guide Overview

The MAXX Performance Suspension Kit was designed by Pro-Line’s Team of Enthusiasts utilizing the latest in 3D-CAD technology. With a total of 9 different shock positions per corner your MAXX truck reaches a whole new level of performance. The following tuning guide will familiarize you with the characteristics of shock angles, spring rates and shock dampening. Remember that different driving styles will effect final set-up. Enjoy tuning your new MAXX suspension kit and have fun!

Shock Set-up
Down Travel:
Full shock travel is recommended on all surfaces. Remove any travel limiters, if applicable, before the installation of your stock MAXX shocks.
Up Travel:
Uptravel should also not be limited due to the new shock geometry.
The Springs:
The stock MAXX springs are used as a great overall starting point.
The Pistons:
Stock pistons work well with 35wt. silicon shock oil.
Building Tips
1) Prior to mounting shocks to the shock towers, you must first install the original body mounts. The mounting position has been changed .For the same desired body mount height, you will need to position the screws two holes lower from the top of the mounts to achieve the same height.
2) After each body mount has been installed, be sure to mount each of your shocks to the shock tower before the shock tower is mounted to the bulkhead.
3) Before installing the turnbuckles, and after installing the new upper and lower arms, it is crucial that the steering bellcranks are centered. In doing so, both front turnbuckles should measure evenly. This ensures that left to right steering characteristics are the same.
4) If using new tie-rod ends, chamfer the existing hole slightly for easy installation when applying to the tie-rod to the tie-rod end.
Shock Angle
Position #3 applies greater spring rate (stiffen spring), and at the same time incorporates less spring progression as the shock compresses. A dominating position when presented with ultra high-bite smooth surfaces. Decreases lateral roll and down travel.
Pro-Line has determined that the #2 upper and lower positions provide excellent handling characteristics and the right amount of wheel travel for most conditions.
Position #1 reduces spring rate (softens spring), and at the same time has greater spring progression as the shock compresses. Provides greater traction on slick surfaces and ensures better stability on bumpy surfaces by increasing down travel.
Note: The lower shock mounting locations have all of the same characteristics as the above locations but have a much greater effect. For dramatic suspension changes utilize the lower shock mounts and for fine tuning utilize the upper shock mounts.
What About....
Big Air? Say good bye to annoying, not so perfect jumping, with the all new MAXX perfor-mance suspension kit. Assisting you from take off to landing the new wider track along with multiple shock angles will annihilate the competition.
The Street? To be the new kid on the block is a good thing. Espe-cially when you’re the one with the new MAXX Performance Susp-ension Kit. Pass your friends or foes on the inside, outside or just drive straight through.
Big bumps? Mortal compared to the MAXX Performance Susp-ension Kit. Superb dampening, shock angles and quality ensure easy sailing over the roughest of terrains.