How To Tips: MAXX Performance Steering Kit Installation

Note: Prior to assembling your MAXX Performance Steering Kit, remove all stock steering components. Assemble all three steps working your way from the bottom of the diagrams to the top.
For proper spring tension, thread nut until three threads are visible above the spring nut.e above the spring nut.
Slide the bushings into the plastic components, and thread the 3mm screws into the drag link.
The included steering turnbuckle connects the servo horn to the MAXX® Performance Steering Kit. Reuse existing ball-ends when installing the replacement turnbuckle, or purchase Pro-Line™ MAXX® Performance Ball-Ends.
Replacements Parts
Parts Available to Distributors:
6019-00 Complete steering kit $48.00
6019-01 Replacement plastic components $7.50
Replacement Parts
6019-02 Set of four bearings $7.50
6019-03 Drag link, 2-bushings and 2-3mm screws $13.50
6019-04 2-Posts $7.25
6019-05 Hex tube, spring and adj. nut $13.00
6019-06 Turn Buckle $7.25