How To Tips: 40 Series Spinner Kit Installation

    Included in the kit:
  • (2) 6061 Aluminum Spinner Faces
  • (2 RH thread, 1 LH thread) PL Spinner Nuts
  • (4) Ball-Bearings
  • (2) Aluminum Washers
  • (2) 4/40 screws
1. Remove original wheel nut.
2. Install PL Spinner Nut (PL spinner nut with groove is for reverse threaded axles such as Savage and Tamiya kits) to the axle.
3. Place bearings into spinner face. (SEE BELOW)**
4. Place spinner face and bearing onto the spinner nut.
5. Thread the 4/40 screw and washer to the spinner nut assembly.
Spinner Notes:
-Recommended for street use only.
-Subject to scratching and/or bending in the event of a rollover.
-Spinners spin at high revolution. Do not attempt to stop with fingers.
**Included in the spinner kit are shielded bearings, which have been selected to ensure smooth operation and longevity with proper maintenance.
Before installing the bearings into the spinner face, visually inspect the bearing slot of the spinner face to ensure a clean and smooth surface where the bearing can easily slide into. If necessary, gently de-burr the surface with an exacto knife.

Next, aligned the bearing into the slot. Carefully tap the bearing into the slot on a blunt face, where the impact is applied over the face of the bearing, and not on the protective shields.

We do not warranty bearings that have been damaged from installation.

Occasionally, bearings have to be cleaned out due to debris buildup and use. (The shields can offer some protection, but not deterrent to dirt particles). When your spinner does not spin freely, most likely your bearings are contaminated.

Flush out the bearings using bearing or nitro cleaner. Spray generously into the shield until the liquid (through the bearing) runs clear. Apply bearing oil into the shield and spin the bearing to spread the oil. Wipe off any oil from the face, as dirt will attract to any excess oil. At this point, the bearing should spin freely.