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Wil Alameida

Wil Alameida
Hometown: Martinsburg, WV
Birthdate:26 Feb 1987
Year Started Racing:2013
Favorite Win:First ever win was a club race at “The Track” in Gaithersburg, MD. It was an awesome night of good racing with good people. The best part of it, was since this was the first track that I ever raced at, and I knew everyone and they could all see my progress. They may have been trying to be nice to me, and let me win, I don’t know, but that was by far my favorite win.
Sponsors:#ProLineRacing #TeknoRC #FTMGrip #BocaBearings #GsRCRaceway #CowRC
Fame:I believe fame is in the eye of the beholder. If you can see yourself a winner, then you already are!
First RC Car:Traxxas Slash 4×4
How did you get started?:Curiosity got me started.. Ive always been the kid (that eventually grew into ‘the guy’) that was standing in the grocery store with an R/C mag and just wishing “One day, I’ll have all of these.. One day..” And wouldn’t you know that I now have a handful of cars and trucks, and race them all. And of course a huge thanks to the man upstairs!
Favorite Class:1/8 E Truggy
Favorite Track:Tie – “G’s Raceway” in Shippensburg, PA & “The Track” in Gaithersburg, MD
Most Happening City:
Most Anticipated Race:13th Annual Race Against Cancer 2014
Day job:Calibration Technician
Favorite Vacation:Every trip I go on with my family.
Current Car:Pro-2 SC, Tekno SCT410, EB410, EB48.2, ET48.3, NB48, AE B5M
Other hobbies:Dirt bikes, Sand Drags, Anything in the Water
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