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James Rodriguez

James Rodriguez
Hometown: Yuma, Arizona
Year Started Racing:1983
Favorite Win:Wow, that’s a hard question… I’ve had a few events throughout my year’s in RC racing that jump right to the forefront of my mind, I would have to say winning my first ever Dirt Oval Challenge at Dirt runners in New Jersey. You never forget the feeling of the first big win!
Sponsors:Pro-Line Racing, Maclan Racing, Sanwa, Pro Match Batteries, Xpert Servos, Cowrc, DE Racing, MIP, PT Racing Oils, Fierce RC Solutions, Boom RC, Fast Eddie’s Hobbies,
First RC Car:Kyosho Gallop 4wds
How did you get started?:I have to say this will jog a few people’s mind. Who remembers waiting for the 5 inch thick Sears catalog to come out? Yes I was glued to the toys section as any 10 year old would be! For the first time I’d see an RC car listed called the “FOX” a flashy gold wheeled blue bullet that looked like it could race the wind. I was sold! I did as any kid would do and pretty much explained to my parents how I need this RC car. As fate would have it my dad brought home the WRONG car LOL… Figures right ask for one thing get another! However what I didn’t realize was that my dad had gone out and purchased the most innovative car produced at that time! The Kyosho Gallop 4wds, it was a masterpiece of engineering and marvel ahead of anything produced in my mind. Being a newbie it took a week to built the kit, but then I was off to the baseball fields to start thrashing and doing burnouts. After a few visits one day another fellow named “Pete” showed up with his RC car and told my that they are holding races in the basketball courts about 1 mile away. I ventured out to the basketball courts and was truly amazed at the amount of cars buzzing around a firehose layout. Needless to say It was on and I’ve never left that basketball court to this day in my mind.
Favorite Class:1/8 EBuggy & 1/10 Dirt Oval Modified
Favorite Track:Ricochet Raceway El Centro California
Most Happening City:San Diego, CA & Phoenix, AZ
Most Anticipated Race:3rd Annual Pro-Line SIkCross 1/8 Championships
Day job:Owner Of Empire Pest Management
Favorite Vacation:Winter of 2013 NYC
Current Car:TEKNO all 1/8 Vehicles.
Other hobbies:Fishing, Boating, Music.
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