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Ian Hanson

Ian Hanson
Hometown: Snohomish, WA
Year Started Racing:2006
Favorite Win:I’m still working on an over-all win. Getting 2 of my cars in the A-Mains in 2 of the Northwest Championship Tour races was a great confidence builder.
Sponsors:Pro-Line Racing
Fame:My RC paintwork has been gaining notoriety in my area.
First RC Car:Team Associated RC10 1992
How did you get started?:In August of 2012 a friend of mine encouraged me to start racing again. I started racing off-road in October that year. I was excited use the newer technology that had become prominent since I last raced on-road in 2006. The reliability and simplicity of new power systems allowed me more time to focus on car setup and practice. I raced two classes for half the season and then added a third I have been hooked ever since. When I’m not running qualifiers I’m spending time in the pits helping newcomers to the hobby and veterans alike. I am always willing to lend a hand or parts whenever I can. I believe in creating a positive environment of encouragement and support for fellow racers and spectators. This type of attitude will help provide growth and sustainability to this great hobby.
Favorite Class:1:10th 2wd Stadium Truck
Favorite Track:Diehard RC Lake Stevens, WA
Most Happening City:
Most Anticipated Race:
Day job:Transit Fleet Manager
Favorite Vacation:
Current Car:Yokomo YZ-2, Yokomo YZ-4, TLR 22 3.0 TLR 22-4, TLR 22T 2.0
Other hobbies:
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