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Andrew Clark

Andrew Clark
Birthdate:October 18th 1985
Year Started Racing:2010
Favorite Win:Sweeping the Southern Nationals in 2012 in the Open division
Sponsors:Pro-line Racing, Xray, RC America, Hudy, Picco, Triton RC, RC Renew, Upgrade RC, FTW RC, Kal-Gard, Lucky 7 RC, VP Powermaster, TIX R/D, Paradise Air,
Fame:Not sure really. People always seem to mention my 4WD SC races. I race it as a fun class at all of our outdoor 1/8th scale races. People get pretty excited when they see 4wd SC times that would qualify for the Pro Nitro Buggy A main, but I don’t see how that is fame? haha.
First RC Car:MRC MT10S, mechanical speedo and all!
How did you get started?:I grew up racing motocross as a kid. I always built scale models and stuff when I was hurt from MX but the fun was gone with those once the build was done. I found some early ’90s RC Car action magazines in the recycling bin at school one day and I was hooked! I was so excited that there were models you could build that didn’t just sit on the shelf when you were done putting them together! We found a local hobby shop and I bought every magazine I could find. I’m pretty sure I just ready the magazines over and over for about a year before I convinced my dad to order me an MRC MT10S from Stormer Hobbies. I drove around the house and built a small track in the field next door and just ran lap after lap. I didn’t start racing seriously until I was much older and able to afford it on my own, long after I quit MX.
Favorite Class:Nitro Buggy and Truggy
Favorite Track:Southern Nationals in Monroe, LA. Ross builds an awesome track and the whole team runs a killer program!
Most Happening City:Anywhere in Texas.
Most Anticipated Race:The Dirt Nitro Challenge, I figure I will make it out one day!
Day job:Body Shop Estimator
Favorite Vacation:Maui
Current Car:Toyota Venza. Ultimate RC Roadtrip machine but not nearly as fun to drive as my GTI was.
Other hobbies:MX, MTB, Music
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