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Continued my trek around the region; this weekend took me to Mooresville, NC for Speed RC’s Thanksgiving Classic race. In order to maximize my track time and justify my travel, I entered three classes; 4WD Buggy, 4WD and 2WD Short Course Trucks.  I was close to reaching the podium in all three classes but fell just a little short. I ended up with TQ and 2nd place in 4WD SCT, 3rd place in 4WD Buggy and just shy of the podium in 2WD SCT with a 4th place finish.

Speed RC utilizes the same clay as Beach RC allowing me to run the same setups and tire combinations on all my vehicles as the previous weekend.

I ran Pro-Line Electrons (MC) on my Trucks and Positrons (MC) on the rear of my Buggy with Electrons (MC) up front. Read the rest of this entry »

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FB_IMG_1463434360731_zpszqdjnjdw FB_IMG_1463434367237_zpsbkjxx8hg

Good times at the N.I.S.S for round 1 of the summer series in Argos, IN. Managed to pull a win out in 2wd 17.5 blinky A-Main and a 3rd in 2wd mod A-Main.

Pro-Line 4-Rib and Tazers gave me good grip on the rough, rutted track. D216 Type-R Body looked great on my buggy and the Trifecta wing is the toughest wing out. Lol. Track was super rough, rutted and loamy. Pro-Line equipped D216 handled it like a champ.

Big thanks to Hot bodies, Pro-Line Racing, Team Trinity Inc., ReVtech, Hobbywing of North America, Schelle Racing Innovations, Vision Racing Products, Exotek Racing, Mattox Designs, and Reilley Motorsports!

David Perez

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Now you can have the same body that Ty Tessmann runs on his D216: the Type-R! Type-R came from the mind of Pro-Line Team Driver Ty Tessmann with a unique mid-cab look that breaks away from all of the recent cab forward trends. The Type-R body fits perfectly around the unique shape of the D216 and features kick up in the rear of the body for balanced front to rear down force. The body style also matches that of the Type-R for the D413! If you have a performance hungry D216 buggy, then you NEED to get Pro-Line’s Type-R body!

Type-R Clear Body
for HB D216
Product ID : 3460…

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Truggy Podium

On 10/24/15 I attended the annual Halloween Race at LCRC in Oakland Mills, PA. The event is always popular and this year did not disappoint with over 190 entries. I ran both Nitro Buggy and Nitro Truggy.

In Nitro Buggy, I ran the Type-R Body on my D815 with M4 LockDowns in Q1 with the standard Black Trifecta Wing and qualified 4th overall. During Q2, I decided to try M3 Hole Shot 2.0s with the Trifecta Lexan Wing but felt either the soft compound or less weight over the rear reduced rear traction compared to the M4 LockDowns and ended up qualifying 7th after Q2 going into the Mains. For Truggy, I felt consistent all day with M3 Hole Shots and the Bulldog Body and qualified 4th overall going into the mains.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Recently Pro-Line released the Type-R for the Kyosho MP9 Nitro Buggy, and being a Kyosho fan it quickly caught my eye.

Problem is, I have the MP9E Electric Buggy, and not the Nitro.  Being the die hard Pro-Line fan I am, I was curious to see if I could get it to fit.

Interested to see how I did it?? KEEP ON READIN’!!

IMG_3301-1024x765 Read the rest of this entry »

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Main day at 2015 Mugen Challenge 91 entries in E-Buggy qualifying was tight managed to put my Kyosho in the top 20. With bumps gonna try to bump into the show. Main didn’t go as planned started 4th in the B-Main got bumped back to 5th was right there behind 4th place and had a mechanical failure which ended my run. I would like thank everyone at LCRC, Mugen, for an awesome event and to Joey for the great layout.

Ran Pro-Line Suppressors, and Type-R Body

I would also like to thank Kyosho America, Team Orion, Pro-Line Racing, JTPrc

Brian Roeder

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This past weekend I attended the 3 day Novarossi Challenge at Barnstormers in Chester, NY which brought out some of the big guns like Lutz and Drake which is always exciting.

It was my first weekend with a brand new chassis in both Nitro Buggy and Truggy so there were some learning curves in the first qualifiers but the cars had great traction with a variety of Tires all weekend but it was going to come down to which tread would last during the long nitro Mains because the track was on the abrasive side.

After a rough qualifying day adjusting to a new car and track on Main day

I went with X3 LockDowns and Pro-Line Type-R Body and Trifecta Wing in Pro Nitro Buggy and I was able to move up through the odd 1/4 finals to the odd Semi-Finals.


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Well, after installing some great upgrades on my Hot Bodies D413 from Avid, Exotek Racing and Hot Bodies, it was time to drive this beauty! This was a new layout at the famous OCRC and I was still fine tuning the D413 so it was still a bit loose. Big thanks to my buddy Derek for capturing some great footage to share at The RCNetwork!

Pro-Line Products Used:

Type-R Body
Velocity Wheels [F] #2754 [R] #2749
Suburbs MC (Clay) 2.4″ VTR Rear
Transistor MC (Clay) 2.4″ VTR Front
Trifecta Wing

I am running a Tekin RSX ESC, Tekin Redline Gen 2 6.5t sensored motor, 24t pinion, Team Orion 1605 Speed Servo and Team Orion Carbon Pro 90c Shorty Lipos

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Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 3.34.47 PM

Great experience at Silver State this year held at RC Tracks of Las Vegas. I qualified in the B-Main in Pro Truck and Buggy, and in the C-Main in Pro Buggy. Overall I finished 30th in Buggy 12-seconds out of the bump spot, 22nd in Truck, and 25th in Buggy. I had a great time and my Tires were awesome!

Products used:

M3 Holeshots
X3 Holeshots
M3 Holeshots VTR
X3 Holeshots VTR
Type R Buggy Body
BullDog body for the D8T
Trifecta Wing


- Tyler Hooks


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March 19-22 2015 was the biggest race of the year. The Australian 1:8 Buggy Titles, held in the great facility at MORBC. The track would have been one of, if not the best track/surface I have ever driven on. The professionalism the club showed also was nothing short of perfect. The event ran flawlessly all weekend. Credit to all at the MORBC club for their efforts.

Pro-Line Equipment used:
Type-R Clear Body for HB D812
Blockade X3 Compound with Lightweight Velocity Rims
Lexan Trifecta Wing Read the rest of this entry »

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